Malaysia: Racist Malay lady gets schooled after being racist against an Indian man - The Coverage

Malaysia: Racist Malay lady gets schooled after being racist against an Indian man

Racial stereotypes are still a pretty big and common issue in our current society. It’s especially more evident in Malaysia, a society with so much diversity. We’re bound to get a bunch a bigots here and there who are so just by all means unreasonable and uneducated through their upbringings.

However, sometimes the polar opposite of these bigots are those rare bunch of beautiful people. These beautiful people are those who break these Racial Stereotypes not by being different in their skin colour but by showing a little of their good values through thoughtful actions.


We bring to you a story by a Facebook user by the name of Jan Gregory Hamilton. He had posted his story yesterday on the 19th of March unto his Facebook wall. His story was a true story between him, a young boy, a Malay lady and a can of Sprite (Not even kidding)

He shared by initially stating that it was a weird experience that happen to occur to him when he was at the grocery store buying some.. you know? “Groceries”?

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And as he was paying for his groceries, a young Malay boy came up to him and greeted himself. As Jan Gregory Hamilton additional mentions, being a guy who loves kids, he greeted back politely by saying,

Hi Kiddo how are you? while the boy replied as quoted, I’m good, I like the drawing on your hand” (He was referring to his tattoo).

Jan would also like to point out that in his selection of groceries that were already in a plastic bag, he had a can of Sprite. (See told you there was a can of Sprite involved)


After conversing a little, the mother of the young Malay boy walked up to where both of them were, grabbed hold of her son and pulled him aside saying, Adik, Jangan tegur orang asing. Dia India Mabuk“.

Being the person who was just called by racial stereotypes, of course Jan got furious to the point of wanting to slap her. However, he remained calm and look to his grocery bag in which he saw his can of Sprite. Jan said to the young Malay boy, “Adik nak SPRITE tak?”

The kid replies “Nak boleh x?”

With a kind heart and without hesitation, he went to the fridge and grabbed a can of Sprite for him. He even paid for the can of Sprite himself. He gave the mother a good stare, knowing what she had initially done, he said, “YA BETUL KAMI INDIA NIE MMG SUKA MINUM ARAK TAPI KAMI JUGA MANUSIA YG TAHU BERMORAL DAN BERBUDI BAHASA, TAK SEMUA INDIA KURANG AJAR DAN TAK BERADAB”. (Yes, it is true that we Indians enjoy a drink of beer however, we’re humans too with moral and values. Not all Indians are uneducated and uncultured)


With shame, she said, “Sorry Adik” as she walked out of the grocer with her head facing the ground as if she knew what she had done wrong.

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Jan in conclusion mentions, “I don’t have to tell you what the moral of the story is about I’m pretty sure you can figure it out.”

I’m not trying to pit against one race to another, I’m telling you a story about racial stereotyping and how dumb you can look if you do believe in racial stereotypes. In this story, Jan proves to us that racial stereotypes lose their power when the world is found to be more complex than the stereotypes would suggest. When we learn that individuals do not fit the group stereotype, then it begins to fall apart.

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