Malaysia Syndicate Organises Wild Parties Targeting Underage Teens - Just RM 100 For Unlimited Drugs , Sex and Alcohol - The Coverage

Malaysia Syndicate Organises Wild Parties Targeting Underage Teens – Just RM 100 For Unlimited Drugs , Sex and Alcohol

The freedom to choose any sexual partner and unlimited access to drugs in the form of pills and high-end alcohol – all for just RM100 to RM200.

These were among the “plus points” a syndicate used to sell two wild, 12-hour sex parties they organised last week, promoted through the mobile application WeChat.

While some of their “customers” were adults, the majority were those who were still in their teens, including a girl aged just 14.

City police chief Datuk Seri Mazlan Lazim said police who got wind of the events raided two condominium units in Jalan Ceylon and Jalan Ampang on Tuesday and Friday, respectively.

“In the first operation, in Jalan Ceylon, about 5.45pm on Tuesday, we arrested 15 people aged between 19 and 44. Nine of these were men, including four Thais, while the two of the women were Indonesians.

“At the time of the raid, all 15 were high on drugs, and this was confirmed by urine tests conducted on all of them. Checks in the condominium unit turned up 4,000 Eramin-5 pills worth about RM60,000, 19 Ecstasy pills and 2g of ketamine,” he told reporters at city police headquarters.

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Mazlan said the second raid on Friday about 5.15pm saw police arresting 53 people, including 29 men.

He said the youngest was a 14-year-old Indonesian girl.

“In one room, we found six men and three women aged between 17 and 29, along with cannabis. In another room, we found 23 men and 21 women aged between 14 and 27, along with 25 Ecstasy pills,” he said, adding that all 53 also tested positive for drug use.

Mazlan said the two raids also saw two of the syndicate’s members arrested. They were aged 27 and 44.

“The modus operandi this syndicate uses is to promote their activities on WeChat. All their ‘customers’ have to pay is between RM100 and RM200 to take part in their parties which begin at noon and end at midnight.

“The syndicate supplies the drugs and alcohol to the participants who are free to have sex with anyone there. These parties are especially aimed at underage teens as they are too young to enter entertainment outlets.”

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Mazlan said investigations showed the syndicate rented the apartment in Jalan Ceylon for RM900 a night and the one in Jalan Ampang for RM1,300 a night.

Apparently, the organisers of these drug-fuelled orgies would rent the high-end condominiums for about RM600 to RM1,300 a day and they would promote these parties through WeChat to capture the youth’s attention. Once they made the payment, the organisers would send the details of the party over such as the date, time and address. As they did not want the authorities to find out the location of these orgies, they would frequently change spots to evade capture. Mazlan said that all of the people who were arrested tested positive for drugs while two of them were identified as the organisers. The police will be investigating the case under Section 39B and Section 39A (1) of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952.

“Those with information on these kind of parties should contact the nearest police station. I would also like to advise parents to always be aware of what their children are doing so that they don’t get caught up in this sort of activity,” he said.

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