MALAYSIA: Tesco Selling Fireworks And Firecrackers Sparked Heated Discussions On Social Media - The Coverage

MALAYSIA: Tesco Selling Fireworks And Firecrackers Sparked Heated Discussions On Social Media

It’s safe to say that in Malaysia, the majority of us grew up with fireworks and firecrackers in almost every festive season, especially Chinese New Year as it is believed that the loud sounds of the firecracker would chase away the bad spirits!

Although fireworks and firecrackers is a part of our childhood, it is illegal as it has been banned by the government many years ago! That’s why when these prohibited items were found to be sold in Tesco, it instantly stirred up a heated discussion among local netizens.

Source: Sin Chew

According to Sin Chew, pictures of various types of firecrackers went viral on social media, which included eight-inch long firecrackers, seven-inch-long sparklers, pill crackers and even top gun UFOs. After seeing the pictures, netizens were left wondering if firecrackers are finally legal to be sold now?

Source: Sin Chew

Regarding the issue, Tesco Malaysia has made an official announcement on January 9. Tesco noted that they have abided the rules and regulation of trade as set by the authorities and all the goods sold are sourced from self-authorized and legal distributors.

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Source: Sin Chew

Not only that, Tesco has also emphasized that all the related products sold in its retail branches had gotten the stamp of approval by the local authorities beforehand. However, the public is advised to oblige to the necessary safety precautions when using these products.

Source: Sin Chew

According to the Explosive Acts 1957, fireworks are labeled as ‘explosive devices’ in this law and those found to be in possession, or manufacturing or importing these explosives can be charged with a fine of RM10,000 or imprisonment term of 7 years, if not both.

The only two types of fireworks are legal up till now are the ‘Pop-Pop’ and ‘Happy Boom/Magic Pop’. Other types of fireworks and firecrackers that are deemed to be risky and dangerous have to be submitted for a permit and obtain permission or license from the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Stay safe during this festive season, guys!

(Source: Sin Chew / WOB)

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