Malaysia Transport Minister Ban HID Headlamps On The Road - Drivers Who Use HID Headlamps Will Be Fine RM 2000 & Jailed 6 Months - The Coverage

Malaysia Transport Minister Ban HID Headlamps On The Road – Drivers Who Use HID Headlamps Will Be Fine RM 2000 & Jailed 6 Months

The Transport Ministry has now banned all the HID headlamps on the road with no exception, as reported by Sinchew. Loke added that anyone who’s found guilty of breaking this law will be fined up to RM2,000 or jailed up to six months!

High-intensity discharge (HID) headlamps have been a nuisance for road users as the light emitted is two to three times brighter than halogen headlamps found on entry-level cars, which is why we’re delighted to hear that Transport Minister, Anthony Loke has announced the ban on HID headlamps.

There is a serious issue when it comes to visibility on the Highway facing automobiles now using LED and HID Headlights. They are extremely bright compared to old headlights or halogen ones that used to be installed by automobile companies before.

This is a serious issue for 2 reasons. 1) It is blinding when facing oncoming traffic that are using LED or HID headlights, so they obstruct one’s vision and can cause accidents. 2) These new headlights are so bright it actually causes pain and damage to the retina of people’s eyes.

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Perhaps you’ve noticed while driving at night that some headlights just seem significantly brighter than others. It’s not your imagination. Brighter headlights are gaining traction in the automotive market.

Some consumers complain that this is difficult particularly on narrow, winding roads when faced suddenly with very bright HID headlights, but try to focus on another area of the road.

At issue with HID and LED headlights is the safety of one driver that may be enhanced by brighter headlights versus the safety of another driver that may be compromised by the glare of oncoming really bright headlights.

It is clear to anyone who drives, walks or bikes the roads: the trend toward LED and HID headlights has become a source of dangerous, blinding glare.



  1. Clordane

    November 20, 2018 at 23:47

    Thumb up to minister Anthony Loke you are great, long live

  2. David Lim

    November 21, 2018 at 13:47

    With the level of corruption in our country who can guarantee that corrupt officers won’t be bribed for such traffic offence, hence making them “richer”.

    We can’t continue to say that “there won’t be takers if there are no givers” because this “giving & taking” culture has been deeply embedded in our society for 61 good years, hence it is not easy “not to give & not to take”.

    The only way out is for the Transport Minister is to assign a trustworthy higher ranking officers (who must be really honest & responsible ones) to randomly send some plainclothes policemen, if possible, from other States to disguise as traffic offenders using such glaring lamps so as to nap the corrupted policemen and send them to jail as an example to other corrupted policemen.

    Until the above covert system is put in place, it will be pointless to continue to make laws to make the corrupted policemen richer. And I was told that they don’t spend with credit cards but in hard cash, so you can just imagine how loaded they are ?

    Having laws are good but without efficient enforcement and monitoring, then signing such offences into laws are meaningless and are just making the people poorer and the corrupted policemen wealthier.

    No wonder my friend told me he overheard a conversation between 2 friends, the 1st one asking “dimanakah Nanak Kami kerja ?” followed by a reply from the 2nd person answering “Jabatan Kastam”, smiling. Then the one asking the question responded “wow!, kaya lah, memang nasib baik” Hahaha! You know I know lah !?

  3. Yblohpenang

    November 23, 2018 at 05:32

    The Customs and Excise inspection officers behaviour at Penang International Airport is really embarrassing and creepy to say the least. They are like vultures waiting for the kill.
    They would stare at arriving passengers, checking them out, smiling with glee …. all hoping to get the kill who will pay for their dinner and stuff their pockets.
    Arriving at many other airports, the officers are there but inconspicuous but in Penang they are creepy

  4. Aziz

    November 25, 2018 at 16:19

    The warning was given ealier during previous govt. Do these car owners bother about the warning,NO. They are normally owner of expensive car types. They can pay the summon or they can bribe their way out. So let see how YB ANTONY LOKE overcome this issue. Hope he will succeed.

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