Malaysia : Video of Man Slapping And Kicking Migrant Worker Goes Viral, Truth Finally Revealed - The Coverage

Malaysia : Video of Man Slapping And Kicking Migrant Worker Goes Viral, Truth Finally Revealed

The man who beat up a migrant worker in a recent video that went viral, has spoken up to clear the air

A few days ago, a video showing a big, burly Malaysian man hitting and slapping a migrant worker went viral on social media, sparking a vast amount of criticism from enraged netizens who saw it online.

The video received nearly 900,000 views since it was first uploaded yesterday

The video received nearly 900,000 views since it was first uploaded yesterday

The 4-minute long video showed a big bearded man approaching what looked like a construction site with his friends. He then spoke to the supervisor of the site and asked him to bring all three of his migrant workers out for him to see.

He then lined up three of the migrant workers and pointed at each of them while asking a woman ‘what did he do?’.

After pointing to two of the migrant workers, and receiving an inaudible response from the woman, he asked two of the three migrant workers to leave, before pointing at one final migrant worker who was still before him and asked the woman, like he did to the two before, ‘what did he do?’.

After a brief reply, which sounded like a confirmation of sorts, he suddenly reached out and slapped the migrant worker who was clad in an orange shirt, hard across the face.

The remainder of the video showed the man repeatedly slapping, kicking and even punching the migrant worker, as the Pakistani man pleaded with him and insisted that he didn’t know what all this was about.

Many slammed the man in the video for allegedly causing hurt to the migrant worker and accused him of being a racist.

The video has garnered over 860,000 views since it was uploaded yesterday to Facebook.

However, the man in the video, who has been identified as Facebook user Sir Azri, took to social media to clarify what really happened that faithful day.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 4.46.05 AM

Sir Azri’s post on his Facebook page

In his post, the Malaysian producer explained that he acted with such hostility to the Pakistani worker in the video because he allegedly sexually harassed his sisters and two of their female friends.

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After deciding to take matters into his own hands to protect the virtue of his sisters and her friends, he confronted the Pakistani worker, accompanied by a few of his friends and his cousins.

Below is a translation of Sir Azri’s post on Facebook, sharing his account of what happened

Regarding the issue of the video of me hitting and kicking a migrant worker, here is the clarification of the whole and real story for everyone to understand what happened:

Of the 4 women in the video, 2 of them were my little sisters. They usually get stared at or ‘checked out’ by men- but I have grown accustomed to it, so have they, as it is one of the many ways of men. However, if a man overdoes it and crosses the boundaries by doing something inappropriate, then that person deserves to be taught a lesson- in my books at least.

Make no mistake; it’s not that I don’t trust the Police to handle the situation, but the long time it takes for them to take action, combined with the difficulty in bringing the said migrant worker to the police station, and the possibility that authorities will not bother giving the case their full attention, it wouldn’t be the wises move to just let the authorities handle the incident. There’s also possibility that the migrant worker flees the country and heads back to his home country and the case immediately becomes a NFA case (no further action).

That being said, I carried out my duties as an older brother and took things into my own hands. I decided that the sexual predator of a migrant worker had to be taught a valuable lesson on respecting women.

On the 29th of January 2016, I went to confront all of the migrant workers whom my two sisters and two of their friends complained were sexually harassing them.

The workers comprised of an Indonesian man, a Bangladeshi a Pakistani man, and a local citizen who was the supervisor of the three migrant workers.

I lined up all of the said workers in a row and asked my sisters as well as their friends, to identify and point out to me which of the three migrant workers was responsible for harassing them. As seen in the video, you can observe that I did not carry out any actions without first checking and confirming whom the real culprit was. I identified the culprit with the help of my sisters and their friends through a process of elimination, much similar to the one used by authorities to identify culprits.

My sisters and her friends eventually identified and pointed out that the Pakistani worker was in fact, the one who harassed them. With the confirmation of all four of them, I then carried out my job as a big brother.

I’m going to be straightforward and blunt- I couldn’t control my emotions. I gave the Pakistani worker a few slaps across his cheek, a blow to his face, and kicked him a few times before asking him to go leave.

During the incident, three of my friends as well as my younger brother and two of my cousins were present. If I were a bully, I would have gotten all of them to gang up on them- but that’s not me. Instead, I carried my own actions as a responsibility of an older brother.

So if my actions are deemed wrong- it’s true because I didn’t leave the issue to the authorities and instead took my own actions. However, from the standpoint of a family member and an elder brother who is trying to protect the dignity of my sisters, who are 21 and 23 years of age, and her two friends who are 23 and 20 years of age, I stand proud with what I did despite the criticism of the public because I carried out my responsibilities not only as an elder brother, but as a man.

I confess- I too am a man, and have ‘checked’ women out, acted flirtatiously, and even stared at beautiful women; but never have I ever taken things too far and acted unaccordingly like the Pakistani worker who put his hand into his pants to grab his genitals and rubbed his chest in a perverse manner while calling out to women, in this case, my sisters and her friends.

Separately, regardless of neither race nor citizenship, sexual harassment is wrong in my books, even if it was done by a Malaysian citizen. This is not a matter of race nor citizenship, but rather, the heinous act of sexual harassment that needs to be exhumed through our combined efforts.

I’m not a gangster, but rather, a man who was just trying to be a good brother to my sisters by protecting them from the evil of the world. There’s no chance I will allow my sisters to continue getting harassed. After all, should things escalate and something worse happened to them, I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself. When that happens, the only thing I can do is cry is like a sissy- so I prevented things from getting out of hand.

Azri ends his Facebook post by saying that he was merely protecting his sisters and that he would never forgive himself if something bad happened to either of them.

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Being a big brother is genetic, but being a good big brother is no easy task.

Azri has proved himself in many ways, that he is a good brother- ending all the accusations of him being a racist or bully.

Sir Azri

Sir Azri clad in a suit

We send forth the highest of respect to Azri for protecting his sisters- and at the same time, we pray in silence for the unlucky lad who might end up being his brother-in-law one day.

Azri’s original post on Facebook can be found here.

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