Malaysia: Wild Ostrich runs freely on the Federal Highway of KL! - The Coverage

Malaysia: Wild Ostrich runs freely on the Federal Highway of KL!

Yea I’m not even kidding. That’s literally what happened a few hours ago on the busy roads of the Federal Highway here in KL. The escaped ostrich had caused a huge commotion when it was spotted dashing through the city streets and even so, the news about it had literally blown out of proportions on the likes of social media!


A video was posted up by Jeff Sandhu unto Facebook and Instagram at about 3:20pm today where a massive ostrich can be seen hurling down the road. The flightless bird can also be seen slowing down traffic by their lane as nobody wanted to hurt it but I think mostly people were just in their disbelief about the whole thing taking place.

Meanwhile in Malaysia…

You won't believe what I saw on the way to work today.Credit: Jeff Sandhu

MGAG 发布于 2016年6月16日

“When I came by it, the ostrich was running from the Universiti Malaya bus stop heading towards the Federal Highway. It blocked traffic at the bus stop as cars stopped to see what was happening,” he told The Star Online on Thursday.

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Jeff added, “After the bus stop, it started running on the road. And the next thing you know, it ran all the way to the RTM building,”


The mad-dashing ostrich created such a choas on the road by blocking up five lanes in total after it was seen running and switching from one lane to the other. So much space given just for that one lonely Ostrich.

He also added that everyone on the road had no idea what to do but to stay behind it. Preventing the Ostrich from getting hurt is the number one priority to the citizens of Malaysia. No doubt I would’ve done the same just so I could watch in awe as I see such a magnificent creature fly free – well, not really – by spreading its wings free and running free.


“It was running within the speed limit, so that’s OK,” said Sandhu, who estimated the bird’s general speed at about 35kmh before it grew tired and slowed down. Even though the Ostrich was the one to rule over the city streets, he still kept within the law.

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Jeff also added, “I had to stop following it by then because I had a meeting. I don’t think anyone would believe me if I told them I was late because I was chasing after an ostrich,”

“I hope the ostrich doesn’t get hurt and finds its way back home! Raya is coming and I’m sure everyone wants it to be home safe,” he joked about it alongside many other Netizens on Facebook too.



The Ostrich’s whereabouts is still unknown, same goes to his background information as no one knows where it came from. As of now, a team has been sent out to locate and capture the ostrich, though there are difficulties in doing so as his whereabouts are still unknown as well.

What an odd way to sort of end the week. I’m not complaining neither am I too happy about it? I’m pretty sure the incident is the first of its kind to happen here in KL. I hope everyone out there is safe as well and back home in one piece after such a chaotic today too. Cheers!


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