MALAYSIA: Woman Shares Scammers' New Tactic On Forcing You To Pay For Items You Didn't Order - The Coverage

MALAYSIA: Woman Shares Scammers’ New Tactic On Forcing You To Pay For Items You Didn’t Order

Many of us have turned to the convenience of online shopping! What’s there to hate? You don’t have to walk around, don’t have to try on clothes one by one, and endless browsing! You can get almost everything on the web now, right?

However, with our new found joy, we have a new worry. Scammers are using this tactic to cheat money off of their victims!!

A Malaysian netizen, Akma Omar, posted her experience with such a scam on Facebook to warn the public of their new modus operandi. She wrote:

“This is a new trick by those scammers who try to fleece you of your money by forcing you to buy their things. I don’t know how this person got my details but they actually have my name and address on the package. The courier sent it to me and it was a Cash on Delivery item.”

“The funny thing is I never ordered it and the courier asked me to pay RM268 for what looks like two jars or Whitening and Spot Removing cream, which I did not order. I told the courier it must have been a mistake and I refused to accept the parcel.”

Source: Facebook

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However, the courier guy tried to force her to accept the parcel saying, “no matter what, you still have to pay for the parcel” which angered her further and she told the delivery man,

“Why do I have to pay for these items when I didn’t even order them? Where did these items even come from?”

Infront of the courier guy, she took photos of the parcel and told him to return the items to the sender.

“This is like a scam, trying to force other people to accept and pay for items they didn’t order. They must think I’m stupid and thus, just sent the items thinking that I would pay for it.”

Source: Facebook

Akma ends her post by warning the public to be careful of this scams and said that time was not the first time she had encountered such an incident.

Additional to that, quite a number of people had already fallen victim to the same scam and blindly pay for the items because the parcel was under their name. They must’ve thought the ordered it but forgot about their purchase.

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If the scammer(s) sends out 20 parcels a day, there are bound to have at least a few who get tricked into paying for the items, right?

They might’ve hacked into some e-commerce website and got your personal information there, or some people use their real full names on Facebook and even accidentally revealed their address there! 

To avoid such a thing happening to you, be sure to track all of your online orders and never fall for this trick, and if you could (if the website is trustworthy) make your payments online.

Be vigilant when you shop online and when you receive any parcels. Double and triple check everything as scammers might be lurking anywhere near you!

(Source: Facebook / WOB)

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