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    Former Flight Attendant Speaks About Tun Dr. Mahathir’s Attitude When Flying – Inspiring!

    Many people have much to say about our new Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir, a majority of what has been told are...

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    Hot Model Visits Malaysia For The First Time Claimed That Malaysians Are Perverted, Horny, And Dirty

    On Wednesday, October 17, an Instagram model and social media influencer, Jade-Anh took to the social media to lament about the sexual...

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    Could She Be The Perfect GF To Rent For This CNY?!!! She Is Pretty And Witty!!!

    I wonder, is it too late for her to also accept a fake lesbian partner for this CNY? She is completely my...

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    Old Malaysian Feng Shui Master Cheated By Young Girl! He Loses RM 400,000 For The Girl?!

    Just when 2016 is about to end, here comes a big news! A Malaysian girl Gan Ling Yang posted on Facebook about an...

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    Public Bank To Charge Extra Fees For Card & Loan Repaymets Starting April 2019

    If you are one of the people who have bills that need to be paid every month, do take note that starting...

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    New Zealand Welcomes Malaysians To Apply For Working Holiday Visa Starting January 2019

    If you have never heard of working holidays, it’s basically a vacation where you get the opportunity to fulfill your wanderlust while...

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    Many Beggars In Malaysia Were “Imported” From China And Crippled By The Gang ! – They Used To Be Born In Perfectly Healthy Body

    They were born perfectly healthy and complete… until they were caught by the gang. It was reported that the number of beggar...

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    Malaysian Perodua MYVI Crashed By Ambulance : Unable To Claim Insurance After Getting Hit By An Ambulance? – That’s Not The Truth

    Usually, when you hear ambulance blaring the siren, we all would give way to the ambulance as it is a matter of...

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    Beware : Singaporean Girl Slams Pervert For Camera Pen Found In Changing Room – Warn Other Women Out There To Be Careful of Their Surroundings

    Ladies, please be careful the next time you enter any changing room as you wouldn’t know what sort of camera perverts would...

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    20 Consumer Brands Owned By Robert Kuok You Probably Didn’t Know About

    Robert Kuok as you all know may have made his fortune in dominating the sugar market in Malaysia, but one does not...

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    Malaysia: Taxi Drivers Threw Eggs At Innocent Woman’s Car Thinking She’s An Uber Driver

    In another disgraceful sight of Malaysian taxi drivers, a woman had eggs threw at her car after angry drivers mistook her for...

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    Malaysian Girl Bumps Into Sugar Daddy At Boyfriend’s Family Dinner – Finds Out His Dad is Her Sugar Daddy

    Uh oh, this is bad! If you think reunion dinners with your busybody relatives are bad, wait till you read what this...

  • 27.1K

    Mamak Restaurant In Malaysia Ordered To Close After Discovered Serving Rotten Fruit In Their ‘Fresh’ Juice

    Eww, this is disgusting! How could you serve ‘fresh’ juice made out of rotten fruit to your customers? Recently, the Perak State...

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    Malaysian Girl Spotted Pervert Recording Her While She Was Using The Toilet In Bangsar Cafe – Let’s Viral This Video For Authorities To Manhunt This Perverts

    Okay, this is disturbing yet scary at the same time. How can we feel safe anymore? Recently, a netizen took to Instagram...

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