【Ushering In The New Generation】KDU University College annual event - "Designer Black Market", the next generation of entrepreneurs and design talent! - The Coverage

【Ushering In The New Generation】KDU University College annual event – “Designer Black Market”, the next generation of entrepreneurs and design talent!

University education is increasingly becoming more diverse, with a greater emphasis on the whole experience, not just the actual academics. Entrepreneurship education is becoming more prominent, with many students seeking out extra curricular activities and taking on additional classes in order to learn more about how to succeed in business.

In order to foster the creative and innovative potential of young design talents with business thinking and entrepreneurship, an annual event organized by KDU University College entitle – “Designer Black Market” being held in Atria Shopping Gallery, Damansara Jaya from 2nd December to 16th December , which it is an event for students to kick start their journey as entrepreneurs and this happened to be their final showcase before graduating! In addition KDU’s Designer Black Market’s students have also collaborated with Pusat Jagaan Siddhartan to raise funds for orphans.

On that day, activities such as craft workshops, guest performances from Charis Ow a Malaysian artist and tv personnel, Faiz Najib an artist/host for The Mickey Mouse Club House Show and Louise Wong a top Malaysian violinist & pianist or better know as “Miss Petite South Each Asia”,  dance performance by Hyperactive Channel and Passion Danz Studio and much more.

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Charis Ow


Hyperactive Channel


Louise Wong


Ahmad Faiz Najib & Christian Palencia


Passion Danz Studio Dance Crew

Entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes, and the younger generation is more eager than ever to join the ranks of successful entrepreneurs. With this event, each individuals participating are challenged to start their own products and brand line. Everyone must understand that starting a business is totally not easy. Designing a trademark and product creation, setting up a website, or promoting on social media does not completely make your product reach its desired goal.

They must be sensitive and understand the role of aesthetics and design, participate in multiple creative product creation to enhance their skills and gain new knowledge , and have an innate sense of smell in the design market to forecast the next new trend in this field of industry.

An entrepreneur’s mind revolves around new ideas and opportunities for innovation. There is a continuous and conscious effort required to look for niches and undertake the risks in entering them. Entrepreneurship involves the continuous examination of existing business workflows and devising ways in order to carry them out in a more efficient and effective way, in terms of both time and cost. In simple words, entrepreneurship works toward the optimization of business.

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「Designer Black Market」event crew and also the next generation of entrepreneurs and design talent!

▼Both emcees of  the event

▼Not to be missed!



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