10KG TV Set 'Flies' Off Ampang Apartment Smashes Into Perodua Myvi - The Coverage

10KG TV Set ‘Flies’ Off Ampang Apartment Smashes Into Perodua Myvi

It’s so sad that even after the tragic death of 15-year-old S. Satiswaran who died immediately after getting struck by an office chair that was thrown from the 21st floor of Sri Pantai Public Housing Block 102 in Pantai Dalam, Malaysians still haven’t learned our lesson!

A similar incident has happened again in Ampang, but luckily, this time there were no injuries reported. However, an innocent Perodua Myvi was the victim of an irresponsible resident at Taman Seri Intan.

Source: Utusan

According to China Press, the owner of the Perodua Myvi, who is also a resident at the apartment, made the shocking discovery that his car was damaged and smashed by a 10kg television set that was tossed from the upper floors at around noon on April 3.

He subsequently alerted the management about the damage to his car and in turn, lodged a police report at around 12.50 pm.

Source: China Press

District police chief Assistant Commissioner Hamzah Alias confirmed the incident and noted that the police took the car owner’s statement.

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Asst Comm Hamzah added,

“At the time, one of the staff was at the garden when he heard an object hitting a car.”

After investigations, the police found that the television set belonged to a tenant of one of the units on the 13th floor. Asst Comm Hamzah said based on the person’s statement, he was not responsible for throwing the television unit outside and did not know who had done it. He said he allegedly placed the television outside his unit when it fell on his leg.

The damaged television set had been sitting in front of the apartment unit for three weeks as he had not gotten around throwing it away before it was tossed down to the ground.

While the investigation is still ongoing, the police urged any witnesses to come forward to assist if they have any information about the incident.

Guys, please stop throwing anything off upper floors of high-rise buildings! You may not only damage other’s property, but you may also endanger the lives of others! 

What’s your take on this?

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(Source: New Straits Times / WOB)

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