After Successfully Scamming RM20 Million Last Year, This Malaysian Con-Woman Is Back For More - The Coverage

After Successfully Scamming RM20 Million Last Year, This Malaysian Con-Woman Is Back For More

Everything comes with a price, nothing comes free in this world and when something is too good to be true, you better be cautious!

Last year, Harian Metro revealed that a Malay girl, known as Masyitah was accused of cheating customers by selling cheap flight tickets. It seems the 23-year-old hasn’t learned her lesson and is still cheating innocent customers to this day!

Recently, a marketing officer has admitted to being a victim of this cunning girl. According to Mohamad Syafarin Izarul, he admitted that he had started dealing with Masyitah since July. With a sense of regret, he suffered a loss of RM15,400 after being cheated on a counterfeit flight ticket.

All transaction and deals are made using the messaging app WhatsApp only.

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What makes Syafarin attracted to the scammer’s offer is a discounted on flight tickets that could go up to 50% or 70% from the original price.

In addition, all orders are made only by using WhatsApp, as Masyitah claimed that she has a good relationship with the airline’s management.

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The scam reportedly came to light when a family did not receive their flight ticket to the United Kingdom.

“When she broke her promise to give the ticket reservation number a week before the flight, we insisted and she finally gave the reservation number a day before the flight. What’s even worse, the ticket reservation number failed to be registered by my aunt and that was when we found out that it was a fake ticket.”

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When her scam has been exposed, she tricked the family again with a copy of counterfeit transaction of returning the money.

“After finding out her tricks, she gave us a copy of the counterfeit transaction of returning our money and the matter was realized after my aunt checked her bank account.”

Syafarin also admitted that he had suffered a loss of RM1,100 (domestic flight), RM1,300 (Kota Kinabalu), and RM 1,500 (Sydney).

The cunning girl uses the company name ‘World Tour Scape’ to generate her income as a scammer.

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She makes use of Malaysian students to get business, by promoting high commissions to agents who can sell flight tickets.

Harian Metro reported on March 14, 2017, that Masyitah had cheated more than 2,000 local students and travel agents and managed to rake in profit from the illegal resources of as much as RM20 million.

Source: OMM

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