Apple Announced The Price For iPhone X In Malaysia And It Starts From RM5,149 - The Coverage

Apple Announced The Price For iPhone X In Malaysia And It Starts From RM5,149

We know many Apple users and fanatics go crazy when Apple releases a new product, they want to get their hands on the new item as soon as it’s available, but the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus was a little set back when they announced the price that starts at RM3,649 and goes till RM4,899.

Source: Cnet

But, people are still excited over the announcement of the iPhone X, the 10th anniversary iPhone. A month after its launch, Apple has finally revealed the official pricing of their new flagship for Malaysia.

You wouldn’t believe it.

Apple is calling the iPhone X “the future of the smartphone”, and for the 64GB model, the phone costs RM5,149 and a whopping RM5,899 for the 256GB model.

I know Apple create their devices to look more sleek and clean than Android and lots of people choose Apple because of how clean the interface is and the brand also speak big words.

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But the prices are getting more and more ridiculous! Why would you spend so much money when you’re good with your previous phone?

The iPhone X only comes in two color variations – Silver and Space Grey.

You may be asking what’s the difference between the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X, one of the most notable changes done is the removal of the home button, that is replaced by an edge-to-edge screen display.

Many Malaysian Apple fans pointed out that the retail prices for iPhone X in Malaysia are almost an RM1,000 costlier compared to other countries. In the United States, the iPhone X 64GB is USD999 (RM4,202), while the 256GB model goes for USD1,150 (RM4,837)!

Apple online store has yet to release the availability dates for the iPhone X in Malaysia. However, now that the price is out, the availability dates might not be too far behind. Though I’m not too sure if many people are still keen on spending a whopping RM5,000 on a phone.

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If you ever manage to get your hands on the iPhone X, you might want to keep it to yourself, people might rob you of it! Just kidding!

What’s your take on the iPhone X’s price, will you be standing in line to purchase the new Apple flagship phone?

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