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Chinese Conmen Caught Red Handed By Malaysian Who Helped Them Out Previously

Most Malaysians are very compassionate, we help out unfortunate people so often that our generosity has caused the number of conmen and beggars to sky-rocket in our country.

A netizen, Jeff How took to Facebook to share his enraging experience in Genting Highlands when he was cheated by a group of conmen from China. He also wishes to warn other kind-hearted Malaysians who frequent Genting Highlands.

Source: Facebook

He wrote in his post,

“Please be aware of these Chinese people, they said they don’t have money to eat in Genting Highlands and that they have children studying in Kuala Lumpur waiting for their money.”

“They’d exploit your generosity to get money from you. Two of my colleagues lent them RM100 and RM200 respectively yesterday. They promised to return the money the next day.”

The next day, Jeff and his supervisor caught the conmen still going around asking for money. When confronted, the Chinese nationals kept smiling and tried to sweet talk their way out of it, but Jeff and his colleagues didn’t buy the story and demand that they return the ‘borrowed’ money.

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One of Jeff’s colleagues said:

“I waited for your phone call the whole morning but nothing came through. The problem is – I just saw you asking for money from other people. Just return all the money I lent you yesterday.”

Adding, “So six of you spent RM200 on a meal? What did you eat? Abalone?”

However, the conmen only managed to return part of the money, according to Jeff in the comment section. His post went viral on Facebook with over 19,000 shares at the time of writing. Other netizens also shared their similar experience, one said,

“These few people are conmen! I’ve met them before in Balakong and they also wanted to borrow money from me. Luckily I didn’t entertain them.”

Another commented,

“I’ve come across two guys who wanted to borrow money a few weeks ago. They said they’ve lost everything to gambling and didn’t have money to buy food.”

Source: Facebook

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We understand that you just want to help those in need, but it is unfair if the people we’re helping turn out to be conmen. Spread the word out, and make sure you warn everyone you know not to fall for these tricks!

Watch the video of the confrontation below!


What’s your take on this? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

(Source: WOB / Facebook)

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