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Couple Tested Positive For Drugs Raises Suspicion On Dutch Model’s Death

With the devastating passing of Dutch supermodel, Ivana Esther Robert Smit, local authorities have pledged to further review the evidence surrounding her death.

Her body was reportedly found sprawled naked on the sixth-floor balcony of The Capsquare Residences about 3 pm last Thursday after a night of partying on the 20th floor with her flatmates, an American man, and his Kazakh wife.

It was reported that the 19-year-old model was drunk when she fell to her death from the 20th floor of the apartment.

Source: Instagram

The victim’s father, on the other hand, alleged that there was foul play involved, claiming that he found finger-shaped bruises on his daughter’s neck. He believes his daughter may have been pushed from the upper floor.

Urine test results of the couple who stayed in the same apartment as Ivana raised many eyebrows as both were tested positive for drugs! Although it was not revealed which drug was found, there were traces of amphetamines in their urine.

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On Monday, December 11, the couple appeared in court to face drug abuse charges. After pleading not guilty, they were released on bail pending a later court reappearance. Though they walk free for now, they both remain as persons of interest while the investigation continues reviewing further pieces of evidence.

A source privy to the investigation told the Malay Mail,

“Investigations are still ongoing and crime scene investigators have visited the apartment where the victim was last seen.”

Source: Instagram

In addition, the latest developments may also result in the reclassification of the case from a mere “sudden death” to a potential murder, manslaughter, or death by misadventure.

The source was also quoted saying,

“Following initial investigations into the death, the couple had their statements taken and urine samples tested.

“The samples returned positive for amphetamines and the couple was charged in court.”

It is learned that other occupants of the apartment unit on the 20th floor where Ivana was last seen were also found to be under the influence of drugs.

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There was no mention of drugs in the couple’s initial version of the story. They claimed they returned to their room while Ivana rested in the living hall after returning from a party in Bangsar.

Source: Facebook

Dutch media pointed out that the victim had contacted her boyfriend at 7.25 am sending him a selfie and informing him where she was and who she was with, she was fully clothed then.

The Kazakh wife claimed that when she took her child to school about two hours later, the model was still sleeping in their living room, and she was found dead 14 stories below a few hours after that.

Ivana grew up with her grandfather, Fredrik in Penang after moving there 13 years ago. Her dreams of advancing her modeling career recently influenced her move to the big city.

Source: FMT

Dutch Embassy has reportedly sought help from the Interpol to aid in the investigation as new details emerge.

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We pray that they will be able to solve this case as soon as possible, it’s so distressing to see the family and friends of the deceased suffer like this. If the couple is indeed involved in the death of the young aspiring model, please find it in your heart to confess your actions and put everyone’s mind at peace. 

Rest in peace, Ivana.

(Source: Next Shark / The Malay Mail)

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1 Comment

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