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Forgot Your Wallet? Malaysian Man Shares How You Can Withdraw Cash from ATM with Just Your Phone


Be it cellphone, keys or wallet, even the best of us would forget something after leaving the house. And this is exactly what happened to a Malaysian man.

Ahmad Asyraf Asyari left his wallet at home when he was at Batu Cave’s Giant shopping for quick groceries. Troubled by his forgetfulness, he thought for awhile and came out with an idea to salvage the situation.

“When I got to the parking lot, I realized I forgot my wallet. I only had RM2 in my pocket. I knew I would be too lazy to come back here if I head back to take my wallet.

I sat there and thought for awhile. Ah! Let me try online banking. I remembered Maybank has this service called “Cardless Withdrawal”. Thank god, it worked. Of course, you’ll need to have a Maybank account to do this. Hong Leong has it too, not sure about the others though,” he wrote on the Facebook post.

Ahmad’s post guiding netizens step by step how he withdraws cash without a debit card quickly went viral with over 7,600 Shares and 3,800 Likes in November 2016.

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We at The Coverage decided to follow Ahmad’s steps to go cashless and cardless on our way out today. Instead of using Maybank2u mobile webpage, we used the app instead.

1-2. First, log in to the app and select ‘Mobile’, then ‘Cardless ATM Withdrawal’

3. Select your desired account for the transaction


4. Tap on to the “+” to key in your phone number.

This will work as well if you intended to send the money to a friend or family. Just key in their number instead.


5. Fill in the details


6. Select the amount you desired to withdraw

The cardless withdrawal method is only limited to maximum of RM300 withdrawal.


7. Take one last look at the credentials and click “Agree and Request TAC”


8. You will receive the TAC code through SMS. Key it in once you have received it


9. The app will confirm the procedure and you will receive two SMS’s.


10. The first code is the Transaction ID, it’s either 16 or 17 digits. The second code is Collection Code, it’s a 6-digit.

If you are planning to send it to someone else, forward the SMS’s to the person. The two sets of digits will be used for the withdrawal.

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11. Select “Done”


12. Get yourself to the nearest ATM


13. Tap on any key to prompt the ATM for service


14. Select “Cardless Withdrawal”


15. Key in the 16 or 17 digits Transaction ID you received earlier


16. Follow by the 6-digit Collection Code


17. Voilà, here’s the cash you withdraw by using only your phone


18. Collect the receipt for safekeeping


19. And go buy yourself a drink. You deserve it


Now you can continue your as normal. Who needs a wallet in 2018, right?

Share this with your friends and family. I’m sure everybody would need this service one day.


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