High Speed Chase In Johor For 15-Year-Old Who Went GTA With A 10-Tonned Lorry - The Coverage

High Speed Chase In Johor For 15-Year-Old Who Went GTA With A 10-Tonned Lorry

Oh wow, who would’ve thought a 15-year-old could be daring enough to pull such a stunt!

This 15-year-old led police on a high-speed chase after he decided to take a 10-tonne lorry for a joyride on Tuesday, October 23.

According to NST, an underage teenager decided to drive the lorry through an industrial and housing area in Terbrau Industrial Area 2, Johor at around 4 am.

It is reported that the suspect was driving recklessly, hence raising the suspicion of a police team that was patrolling the are at the time. The police ordered the suspect to stop but he ignored it and proceeded to speed off, exiting to the Pasir Gudang Highway.

Source: Malay Mail

A high-speed chase ensued and 16 additional police vehicles were roped in throughout the 90-minute chase.

Despite the police shooting three warning shots in the air, the suspect kept on driving and even made risky turns at speeds up to 75km/h.

The chase came to a halt when another lorry came to the rescue! A member of the public drove his lorry to block the suspect, finally stopping the runaway lorry.

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Amongst other damages, two police cars were damaged beyond repair.

Source: Twitter

Johor Bahru (South) OCPD Asst Comm Shahurinain Jais said,

“The first was part of the blockade set up at the Plentong intersection and the second was damage when the lorry rammed into after it tried to reverse out of a dead end.”

Thankfully, no casualties were reported at the time of writing. Upon questioning, the suspect said he was just test driving the lorry.

Source: Twitter

Investigations revealed that the suspect dropped out of school and worked with his uncle as a lorry driver assistant. The suspect has no criminal record prior to this incident.

The police confirmed that there was no report on a missing vehicle by the company the lorry was registered to.

The suspect has been arrested and will be investigated under Section 307 of the Penal Code for attempted murder and Section 25 (1) (n) of the National Registration Regulations.

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Source: Twitter

The teen is being treated at the Sultanah Aminah Hospital for minor injuries sustained during a scuffle with the police when he attempted to get out of the handcuffs and escape.

ACP Shahurinain added,

“We have not done any urine test on the suspect as he is still in the hospital.”

Watch the video of the chase below and share your thoughts on this with us in the comment section!


(Source: Twitter / Says / Malay Mail)

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