Malaysian Husband Has An Affair With Another Married Woman Delays Divorce With Wife Due To Money Deficiency - The Coverage

Malaysian Husband Has An Affair With Another Married Woman Delays Divorce With Wife Due To Money Deficiency

Okay, marriage is supposed to be something sacred, yet some people are betraying their spouse’s trust by having an affair with others. Why go through with the marriage, including signing the official documents when you’re just gonna end up cheating on them?

This affair we’re going to be sharing with you includes a married man and a married woman, not married to each other, but to different spouses, in fact, the woman is married with a beautiful daughter as well!

Source: Da Ma Day

You’d think that after being married to their respective spouses and building their own family, they would be content and settle down. But it seems like lust got the better of them, they seek each other out and got together for more than a year already.

Having endured her husband’s affair for so long, Joey Ee’s wife finally decided to put him on blast!

Source: Da Ma Day

According to Joey’s wife, he has no money to settle the divorce papers and kept dragging the process but would continue dating his mistress, 23-year-old Hannah Koh. Both Joey and Hannah would often update their social media of them dating despite being married to other spouses, they’re not embarrassed at all!

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Source: Da Ma Day

The two of them celebrated the winter solstice and Chinese New Year together, occasions where you should be celebrating with your family and spouses. Not only that, they also proudly boast about their 300+ day anniversary on social media.


Source: Da Ma Day

Apparently, Hannah had promised not to disturb Joey’s family (marriage) multiple times, but would always come back to Joey eventually.

Although Joey’s wife wanted to put an end to this affair, she doesn’t want to face the two of them, so she chose to remain silent and endure until she official divorced the man.

Source: Da Ma Day

Source: Da Ma Day

However, he kept dragging the divorce but still went out dating with Hannah. Joey’s wife was already at her limit, she then went to Hannah’s house to get her husband out of the house, but both husband and mistress dare not come out from the house.

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Source: Da Ma Day

It is learned that Hannah is working as a makeup artist in Dior at Parkson, KLCC, while Joey is working in Cordina Watch.

Source: Da Ma Day

Come on dude, your wife is such a nice woman yet you betray her like this. How can you call yourself a man? I don’t know what Hannah sees in you that she would come running back to you, but a man who is capable of cheating on his wife is not a keeper. Well, I guess they’re two peas in a pot in this situation. 

Source: Da Ma Day


What do you think?

(Source: Da Ma Day / Facebook)



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