Johor Primary School Teacher Denies Std 1 Student Of McD Meal Due To His Ugly Handwriting - The Coverage

Johor Primary School Teacher Denies Std 1 Student Of McD Meal Due To His Ugly Handwriting

How could the teacher do such a thing to an innocent kid!

A furious mother recently took to Facebook after her son was publicly humiliated by his teacher on Children’s Day, all because his handwriting wasn’t neat and the teacher deemed it ugly.

The incident is believed to have happened at a primary school in Johor.

Source: China Press

Here’s a brief translation of her Facebook post,

“Since last week, my son has been telling everyone how excite he is about the upcoming Children’s Day because his teacher promised to buy everyone a McDonald’s meal.

“On that day, the teacher called out his name and he happily ran to the front to get his meal, but the teacher suddenly said, ‘There’s no food for you, go back to your seat!’. My son went back with a broken heart and started crying.

“The kids beside him were saying, ‘Teacher, he’s crying!’ to which the teacher replied, ‘Don’t bother about him!’. To my son’s teacher, do you feel happy after humiliating a 7-year-old child?”

It turns out, there were only two kids who didn’t get their food out of the whole class because their handwriting were said to be ‘too ugly’. The extra meals were then distributed to the other teachers.

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The mother added,

“If the teacher didn’t intend to give him food, why call him out in the first place?”

As expected, the Facebook post quickly spread like wildfire on social media with netizens roasting the teacher.

Many condemned the teacher was being inconsiderate and not fit to be a role model for school kids. However, the deputy headmaster had clarified that it was purely a misunderstanding and that the school management had met up with the parents to resolve the issue.

Source: The Atlantic

Good of the school managed to acknowledge the problem instead of sweeping it under the rug, however, we’re not sure if the child can recover from the incident. Stay strong and have a positive mind!

(Source: WOB / China Press)

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