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JPJ Reveals New Demerit System For Traffic Offences – Here’s How It Works

Recently, the Road Transport Department Malaysia (JPJ) enforced the new Demerit system for motorists in Malaysia on September 1, 2018.

It is learned that this enforcement comes after the government has taken over all operating AWAS camera through JPJ.

According to their press release, there are about 45 AWAS cameras in total, with 29 cameras for detecting speeding offences and 16 cameras for detecting motorists who defy the red traffic light.

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As for now, these cameras are placed in 47 locations in efforts to monitor the traffic and motorists in the designated areas. JPJ revealed in a Facebook post that traffic offenders who commit an offence will be punished accordingly based on the demerit points that they have obtained.

That said, the demerit points will vary according to the types of vehicles – Private vehicles and Vehicles Carrying Goods & Buses.

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The points based on the type of vehicle are as shown below:

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1. Private vehicles

► Defying the red traffic light – 4 points

► Speeding over 1 km to 25 km/hour – 2 points

► Speeding over 25 km to 40 km/hour – 3 points

► Speeding over 40 km/hour – 4 points

2. Vehicles Carrying Goods & Buses

► Defying the red traffic light – 6 points

► Speeding over 1 km to 25 km/hour – 4 points

► Speeding over 25 km to 40 km/hour – 5 points

► Speeding over 40 km/hour – 6 points

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These demerit points will be accumulated until reaches 20 points and only then motorists will be given a punishment. Following that, the punishments will be increased each time they collected a solid 20 points.

The punishments are as listed:

● First time › Motorists will be given a warning

● Second time › Licence will be suspended for six to eight months

● Third time › Licence will be suspended for eight to 10 months

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● Fourth time › Licence will be suspended for 10 months to one year

● Fifth time › Licence will be cancelled. Motorist must take another JPJ exam for a new licence.

Source: Malay Mail

The demerit punishment will be implemented when motorists pay their summonses, which is usually RM300, within 60 days after it’s issued.

The traffic offenders will then be charged in court if they fail to settle the fine within the designated time.

They can also risk being blacklisted under Section 17(1D), 29(1A), and 119(B) of the Road Transport Act (1987), if they don’t turn up in court and the blacklist status will subsequently hinder the renewal process of their licence.

As motorists we ought to be more careful when driving on the roads and we shouldn’t defy the traffic rules as it can put us in serious trouble. After all, these rules are made to protect our safety and the safety of others while we’re on the road.

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To know more about the Demerit System, head over to JPJ’s website, here! You can also follow them on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest updates.

With that being said, drive safe on the road and remember not to break the rules!

What do you think of the Demerit System? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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