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Keep Your Babies With a Leash, They Say! Yay or Nay?

Nowadays, with cases of kidnapping and missing children, there is a need for a harness (don’t worry, nothing hardcore, just a wristlet that ties to another one for your child) in order to keep the child close. If you have two, that means you have to wear two. Soon enough you’ll have to wear more than one leash on each wrist…

Just kidding!

I suppose this kind of product brings up such a confused question and perception, because it looks like parents want to control their children (I admit, it looks really weird, but I’m not a parent so I don’t understand how it feels!) but sales are high for this product! The need to buy the leash is backed up, and I could at least understand the sentiment behind having to buy the product. If you are curious about how the item looks like when it’s used here is a picture:

Stay with me… | Source: Penjual barang Import Murah’s Facebook

Currently it is being sold by Penjual Barang Import Murah, a page on Facebook. Apparently it costs only around RM25 (excluding postage, sorry to keep your hopes up!) and from the post linked, it can be seen that parents are buying these harnesses. I would assume that they feel like there is a high need for them to use the harness. (Starting to wonder if they have a lot of children or even their adult babies need supervision…)

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Again, as a non-parent, I think I can understand why parents are buying this kind of thing to keep their children in check! Maybe parents don’t want their children to feel like they have to be too close and thus not holding their hand. I think it’s an okay alternative, still sounds weird and personally wouldn’t buy it. However, for those who find this product helpful, maybe you can comment on how satisfying the product is to your tastes!

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