Kelantanese Man Used Only RM500 And Spare Parts To Build Motorcycle For Floods - The Coverage

Kelantanese Man Used Only RM500 And Spare Parts To Build Motorcycle For Floods

All of us have many dreams, be it a career dream, a destination dream, or an invention dream. But more often than not, we tend to give up on certain dreams because we either can’t afford it or we don’t have the time to chase after it.

However, we’re glad to know a man in Kelantan has successfully built a special motorcycle that can wade through floodwater! This invention is one of a kind but it will really help in flood-prone areas in Malaysia or any part of the world for that matter.

Source: Sinar Harian

31-year-old Amin Mohamed, who is an aluminum and mirror supplier in Pasir Puteh, Kelantan, spent only RM500 on building the motorcycle and used waste materials and pre-used parts to cut costs, he built the entire motorcycle in his backyard.

Amin has been planning about the motorcycle since the beginning of the year. He told Sinar Harian,

“I first sketched a design of the motorcycle back in January and started working on it little by little in my spare time.

“I have only used waste materials to avoid high costs as this creation is not for profit, it’s just for self-satisfaction.”

Source: Berita TV9

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The motorcycle uses a Honda C70 engine, has a single front-end motorcycle tire and two car tires on the back. The seat appears to be a seat used on rides in an amusement park with a safety belt attached to it.

The unique part of the motorcycle is the height of the bike that enables it to easily wade through a metre-deep floodwater.

Source: Sinar Harian

Amin’s invention went viral after photos and videos of a ‘test drive’ in a flooded location in Selising circulated the internet. Numerous netizens contacted him on Facebook for more details on his creation.

However, Amin says his motorcycle is not quite perfect as it still needs to be improved to wade through deeper water.

“The motorcycle is not ready yet, I’m looking forward to testing it again when some of the Selising areas are hit by floods again.

“I plan to make this motorcycle to not only be able to wade through deep water but also for any sort of rugged action and suitable for all types of road.”

Source: Berita TV9

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He also said that he might be installing some accessories in the future to make it look good.

This is a great idea, especially for motorcyclists, we can easily ride over water puddles without getting splashed in the legs and butts, why didn’t anyone thought of this sooner?

Kudos to Amin, we hope you keep up the good work! If you ever get to manufacture your idea, many motorists will definitely buy it!


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(Source: Says / Sinar Harian / Siakap Keli / Facebook)

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