Kepong Man Robbed And Slashed By 4 Thieves On The Way Home - The Coverage

Kepong Man Robbed And Slashed By 4 Thieves On The Way Home

Growing up, our parents often remind us never to go home late, perhaps we should start practicing that as there are far too many robbery cases happening in the wee hours in the morning.

On June 2, a netizen took to Facebook to share his encounter with 4 robbers while on his way home.

He wrote in his post,

“I was robbed at MRR2, Taman Tasik Metropolitan when I was on the way home in Kepong at around 3 o’clock last night.”

Source: Facebook

According to the victim, several motorcyclists were running wild on the road, and to avoid them, he rammed into the road divider in the middle of the road.

“Then, they immediately stopped and opened my car door and cut my hand with a knife and dragged me out of my car. After taking my belongings, they cut me another time, on the chest. There was a total of four robbers, they’re all Malays and are armed with knives.”

Source: Facebook

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He would like to remind those who live nearby to be very careful when out, the police also advised not to refuel at petrol stations nearby in ungodly hours as there are frequent robbery cases reported.

Try not to be out too late, especially if you have to return home late, stay safe guys!

(Source: Facebook)

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