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Korean ‘Finger Heart’ Misinterpreted To Cross Sign – Malaysians Facepalm At The Absurdity

Pretty sure everyone is familiar with the Korean finger heart sign that is popular among the younger generation. It is the act of crossing your thumb and the index finger to form a small heart to express love and fondness towards everyone around you.

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However, this popular and good-intentioned finger sign has been misinterpreted by Malaysians. It is not the first time, but how can something so innocent trigger something so serious?

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In a recent posting done by an individual on Facebook, Muslims have been warned not to use the finger heart sign as it is actually a representation of the cross and it would somehow taint their faith.

According to the post, Muslims should be careful not to adopt just about anything that seems to carry a good meaning because it might have a deeper devious intention.

Majority of Malaysians, no matter their religion or race have shown disagreement, anger, and disbelief. Many also expressed their amusement over the absurdity of the post.

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Some called the post stupid, while others reminded everyone that we live in a multicultural and multi-religion country, so we should respect everyone’s beliefs instead surrounding ourselves with negative thoughts.

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Although the intention behind the post might be good, sometimes we need to reconsider what’s presented in front of us and do some more research on it before spreading it to our followers as it might do more harm than good. 

Remember to be more cautious the next time you share something! 

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  1. TS

    September 13, 2018 at 13:03

    The Malays had better know that Muhammad, their revered prophet and role model was a Christian from the time he married Khidja his boss at age 24 and was a practising Christian until the Angel Gabrial spoke to him in the cave.He later decided to found his own religion based on Christianity and Judaism. So why are you people so worked up about the cross, a symbol, in ancient times, of a man praying.

  2. Peace peasants

    September 14, 2018 at 23:08

    Only stupid and selfish unrelevent person walking on this planet would say that..!

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