MALAYSIA: Vietnamese Bride Expresses Her True Feelings Of Being Labeled As Materialistic Woman - The Coverage

MALAYSIA: Vietnamese Bride Expresses Her True Feelings Of Being Labeled As Materialistic Woman

When we mentioned about the phrase “Vietnamese bride”, what would be your first thoughts to this phrase?

You probably would have a bad perception towards Vietnamese bride as many of them are considered to be materialistic, as we always hear negative news about newlywed Vietnamese brides that run away with their husband’s money and baby.

A Vietnamese lady, Hà My posted a 4-minute video on Facebook to defend for other Vietnamese ladies as she claimed that not all of them are materialistic. They are just unhappy with their new life with their newlywed husband in a foreign country.

Hà My was saying that Vietnamese ladies don’t feel happy to stay with their husband probably because they think their husband would not be able to protect them and their children. As they aren’t happy with their marriage, they wouldn’t want their baby to suffer along with the family. Hence, most of these ladies made the decision to escape from the place that they do not see happiness.

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There might be a different example of Vietnamese bride, but the statement that Hà My said in the video is not completely wrong. Brides are not dolls which can be bought and played with, the bride that you are going to marry is your life partner that will take care of you and love you until the end of your life. It is hard and it is ridiculous for a lady to risk their marriage with a man that doesn’t plan to stay together until the end. 


Here’s the video of Hà My’s confession.


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