Malaysian Gets Hilariously Exposed After Warning Muslims Not To Buy These Chips - The Coverage

Malaysian Gets Hilariously Exposed After Warning Muslims Not To Buy These Chips

It’s no doubt that everybody loves a good snack, especially when it comes to potato chips. We respect that our Muslim brothers and sisters have certain restrictions when it comes to food and drinks, and can’t consume anything that isn’t certified halal.

Recently, this Malaysian took to Twitter to warn his fellow Muslims about a particular snack he supposedly found at the popular convenience chain, 99 Speedmart.

Source: Trip Advisor

This snack in question was a bag of satay flavored potato chips produced by the famous beer brand, Tiger, and printed on the back of the bag is a statement saying that the contents are only meant for non-Muslims aged 21 and above.

He wrote in his Twitter,

“Be careful guys. I saw this at 99 Speedmart the other day, and I’m worried that young kids will simply buy this without realizing the fine print. Please spread this for our fellow Muslims.”

However, it turns out that these chips aren’t even sold off the shelves, as some other Twitter users pointed out in the replies to this tweet.

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Do take note that we can’t confirm if the netizen actually ‘bought’ the chips as he only mentioned ‘seeing’ it on the shelves at the convenience store.

For your information, this specific brand of chips is not for sale and it can only be given as a free gift with every purchase of 6 cans of Tiger beer at 99 Speedmart as part of their FIFA World Cup promotion.

Source: Tiger Beer

So fret not guys, there is no way any customer, let alone children can simply get their hands on this. Let us refrain from spreading false information like this alright?

(Source: WOB)

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Rahman Kutty

    June 23, 2018 at 08:55

    This is the sorry state of english in malaysian education system. This retard can’t understand english and doen’t hv analytic thinking.Thks to all those who hv clarify the matter.Phew!

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