Malaysian Guy Bought A Motorcycle After His Car Got Stolen, His Girlfriend Dumped Him For That! OUCH! - The Coverage

Malaysian Guy Bought A Motorcycle After His Car Got Stolen, His Girlfriend Dumped Him For That! OUCH!

Women dislike guys with motorcycles because they are caregivers. Because there is a higher percentage of you being smashed to pieces as opposed to a roof topped and covered car, women will flag that down as too dangerous, and not worth the money, when you can get hurt so easily. Understandably so. You do take a risk.

BUT, there are women who like bikes. A LOT. And there are even more women who like a man with a bike. Don’t think for one millisecond that there isn’t. There is.

Sure, you may get caught up with the ‘bad boy’ stereotype but whatev. Bikes give an ‘edge’, and some women like the ‘edge.’

Unfortunately, for this Malaysian guy, his girlfriend dumped him after he bought a motorcycle to replace his stolen car. The heartbroken guy shared his sad story on Facebook for netizenzs’ advice.

He shares how his car was stolen last month and he was having troubles getting around. During that time, he had financial issues, so he could not afford another brand new car right. Without having no choice, he decided to just buy one of the latest Yamaha 150cc bike. 

The poor guy explains that the motorcycle was a temporary measure, until his finances were slightly better to be able to afford a car. Unfortunately, his girlfriend still doesn’t accept his reasoning and soon, she ended their relationship.

This is what he posted on his Facebook, according to The World Of Buzz:

“Hi everyone, I need some advice. I’m at my wits end and don’t know what else I can do!  Because of this, I got into many arguments with my girlfriend. She scolded me and asked me why I bought a motorbike instead of a car. She said, a car is much better as you don’t have to at the mercy of the elements. Besides, a new motorbike is also expensive (but it definitely won’t be as expensive as a new car!)

Is it because she thinks that I wasted money buying a new motorcycle? I know I can buy a much cheaper secondhand model but I was also thinking of her benefit, I don’t want her to be uncomfortable on an old motorbike! Is this wrong?

Just a few days ago, I picked her up from work and was sending her home but unfortunately, halfway there we met with an accident! A lorry brushed against me and caused me to lose control of the motorbike, luckily I didn’t suffer any heavy injuries, just some minor cuts. After that I immediately looked for my girlfriend and fortunately she was unhurt except for some minor cuts and bruises, but I was also very distressed at her injuries.

But my motorcycle was damaged heavily and had to be written off as a total loss. I thought to myself, that’s okay, as long as my girlfriend is fine, that’s all that matters. However, today she contacted me and without any warning, she said she wanted to break up with me! I know she was in pain yesterday after the accident but it wasn’t my fault, I didn’t even speed. I kept apologising to her, but to no avail. What should I do?”


Majority of the netizens, made him feel a whole lot better with positive comments.

“Change a new girlfriend!” “Congratulations, without your girlfriend you can save money and get a new car soon.” , said a netizen

“If she really loves you, even if both of you took the bus or walked home together, she wouldn’t mind.”, said another netizen

What do you think? Whose side are you on?

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