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Malaysian Scammers Beat Up Family After Leaving Woman Stranded In South Korea

A Malaysian family was left in distress when their daughter and her boyfriend was stuck in South Korea with no flight ticket back after being promised a job when they arrive there.

Wayne Sia took to Facebook on September 13 to share his experience with job agency scammers.

According to his post, his sister has paid a total of RM3,000 to a ‘South Korean job agency’ on August 26, 2018, to work in South Korea, starting September 7. His sister signed up for the job along with her boyfriend, who also paid RM3,000 to the scammer, Kelvin Chong Kien Fei.

Source: Facebook

Upon arriving in South Korea, the couple found out that there was no such job at the seaweed factory as they were promised. After contacting the scammer, he said that he would arrange another job for them but was soon uncontactable. Kelvin (the scammer) blocked their calls and ignore their message, leaving Wayne’s sister and her boyfriend stranded in Korea.

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On early Wednesday (September 12) morning, Wayne and his parents traveled to J&T Express Melaka, where the scammer works to confront him.

Furious, Wayne’s father attempted to slap Kelvin, but he dodged it. It was not caught on video but CCTV footage shows that the proof. It has since been handed over to the police for investigation purposes.

Source: Facebook

Kelvin alleged that he has no money to pay for compensation but when Wayne suggested involving the police in this, Kelvin got overly defensive and said,

“If you want to report, tell the police to come here and arrest me.”

However, a report must be made first before the police can arrest anyone.

One of the scammer’s brothers, who goes by the name Jason Chong Kian Xeng, rushed to the scene acting like a gangster trying to intimidate the family. That was when Wayne decided to record the incident.

Source: Facebook

Protecting his brother, Jason accused Wayne’s father of hitting Kelvin and when the other brother, Ricky Chong came, a fight broke out.

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Source: Facebook

In the video, Jason can be seen attacking Wayne while Ricky aimed for his father.

Wayne took a hit to the neck with an iron bar and bruises on his body, his father sustained bruises on his arms and body while his mother received nine stitches on her head, bruised her face and body in the scuffle.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

His parents were rushed to the hospital for treatment while Wayne immediately went to the police station to lodge a report where they (the scammers) claimed that Wayne had started the fight. Luckily he had video evidence.

We hope the authorities are doing something about this as these people need to get punished for what they’ve done. It is unfortunate that we still have people as narrow-minded as them who thinks that violence can solve everything. 

Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts in the comment section!

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