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Malaysian University Students Blacklisted By PTPTN In the Midst Of Studying

When you mention ‘PTPTN’ to any Malaysian that has graduated from college or university, I can bet that you’ll see a variety of reactions and emotions, be it anger, disappointment, lost or sad, it all shows.

All of us can relate to how troublesome it is to pay back what the government has so kindly loaned us, because not only do we have to pay back what we owed, there’s added interest as well, we may not see it, but it is definitely there! It’s like a legal loan shark!

Not too long ago, a degree student, Abdul Hannaan took to Facebook to shared his encounter and experiences he had with PTPTN Perlis, which has gained over 7,000 shares!

In his post, he writes,

“A few days ago, my friend who has just graduated tried to apply for a bank loan but got rejected due to Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS).”

What is CCRIS? It is a system where the borrower’s name will be moved into the list 6 months after the graduation. Once your name is in the CCRIS, you’ll be barred from leaving the country and blacklisted in the immigration office.

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Abdul, who has one more semester left in his college, went to check on his account in the Perlis PTPTN office as he was worried he might be blacklisted too! Little to his surprise, he has a whopping amount of overdue payment which sums up to RM3,552.29.

Source: Facebook

The college student along with his batch-mates have all applied for PTPTN ever since they started their Diploma and planned to continue studying for Degree in the same university.

“I asked the PTPTN staff that visited my university, they told me not to worry and that I can apply for payment suspension. Just need to feel in some forms or write a letter for the suspension and send it to the PTPTN office.”

After hearing what the staff said, Abdul started to feel more relieve. The whole batch of students continued their studies in Degree with no worries about paying back the loan during their studies.

Until when one friend of Abdul who has just graduated tried to apply for a bank loan and got rejected because of CCRIS from PTPTN. Even Abdul and his friends, who are still studying has their names in the CCRIS.

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When Abdul confronted a PTPTN Staff in the office, he was told that the payment suspension request was only to help exclude the fines. Borrowers will be charged as usual, the CCRIS will apply even if payment is late for a month.

Just when all of them thought they could take a breather, now they have to worry about the lump sum payment to clear off their name from the CCRIS to allow them to travel overseas or make bank loans.

Abdul is thankful for PTPTN, because without it he won’t be where he is today, but he urges PTPTN to refine this matter. He says,

“Those who are taking loan to study Diploma and all the way to Degree, give them a little lee-way and allow them to pay back after they’ve finished their studies.

“In any case a Diploma student who continues to Degree needs to start paying PTPTN, don’t be so cruel and put them in CCRIS.”

Abdul understood that there are people who run away from PTPTN payments but his complaint is that those who just graduated from Diploma and still studying for Degree can’t afford to pay back, especially those who took PTPTN loan for their Degree as well!

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He posted his worries on Facebook in hopes of getting word around for those who are facing the same fate as him. If there is any PTPTN staff who come across his post, he wishes to speak with them to see if there is anything to solve this problem.

One thing I know for sure, I’m suffering by paying back what I owed to the government, and I will surely save up enough for my future children to further theirs studies without having to take and loans! It’s seriously a pain in the ass paying back, you’d be spending more than half your life trying to pay back. I may be exaggerating, but it sure feels this way!

What are your encounters or disagreement with PTPTN? Share them with me in the comments section below!

(Source: Facebook)

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