Mamak Restaurant In Malaysia Ordered To Close After Discovered Serving Rotten Fruit In Their 'Fresh' Juice - The Coverage

Mamak Restaurant In Malaysia Ordered To Close After Discovered Serving Rotten Fruit In Their ‘Fresh’ Juice

Eww, this is disgusting! How could you serve ‘fresh’ juice made out of rotten fruit to your customers?

Recently, the Perak State Health Department did some checks in the town and in one of the mamaks in Teluk Intan, they found some rotten fruit stashed at the beverage section.

Upon further inquiry, they were shocked to discover that the staff in the mamak actually used them to make fresh fruit juices and served them to the customers!

Source: Sinchew

Source: Sinchew

That’s not all, the authorities were grossed out as well when they found numerous rat droppings on the floor and many cockroaches running rampant in the kitchen and dining areas.

Source: Sinchew

Other areas of the kitchen were revealed to have unhygienic practices too as they saw many used utensils that were not cleaned and were just left lying around.

Source: Sinchew

The dirty mamak has since been ordered to be closed down for 14 days so that they can clean up the restaurant. The authorities added that this was not the first time this particular mamak had violated the rules and regulations.

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The Perak State Health Department said that if the condition does not improve after 14 days, they would extend the closure for another 14 days as this kind of condition is not acceptable.

Safety of the customers is very important and restaurant operators were warned not to use the excuses like ‘I don’t know’ to absolve themselves from responsibility.

We hope other restaurant operators will take this as a lesson and keep their premises clean!

(Source: Sinchew / WOB)

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Evelyn Yee

    October 25, 2018 at 23:24

    Even if given time to clean up, how do we ensure and be confident that good hygienic practices are enforced within the eatery themselves? Only customers can enforce by not patronising dirty eateries and those with dirty and grimy floors. Workers ,must be wearing clean and light coloured aprons, NOT BLACK or dark colours!

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