Man Asks For 'Help' From Kind-Hearted Girls To Get His 'Keys' Only To Bring Them To Secluded Places - The Coverage

Man Asks For ‘Help’ From Kind-Hearted Girls To Get His ‘Keys’ Only To Bring Them To Secluded Places

The outside world is no longer safe for women and girls to be walking around alone. Even if you have self-defense weapons like pepper spray or a blade, there still a chance where you may not be able to defend yourself. That is why you need to be smart in public, if it’s your daughter going out, please teach them how to sniff out the predators!

Recently, a netizen took to Facebook to share her encounter with a creep in hopes of warning other ladies to be careful when they go out. Her post went viral with over 5,800 shares since posting.

KahMun Lai was walking home from college at PV 128, Setapak, one day when she was approached by a man. He proceeded to ask for KahMun’s help to retrieve his keys that were stuck somewhere.

Source: Facebook

It was at that moment, she recalled a similar incident happening at Wangsa Maju LRT station where a man had asked a girl for help to get his keys. After she followed the man, he reportedly molested her. Luckily the girl managed to escape before the man could do anything else.

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With that KahMun told the man,

“I’m sorry, I’m busy.”

A few days passed, and KahMun was walking at PV128 to go to the bus stop in front of Columbia Hospital. While she was there, she spotted the same guy lingering around Haru Tei coffee shop, and he was asking another girl, most likely the same thing, luckily, she also walked off.

“I was thinking of taking a picture of the guy but I think he recognized me from that day and looked at me, that’s when I thought it would be a bad idea to take his picture when he was aware of me being around.”

KahMun decided to go on about her day running errands and avoid him, but she felt uneasy when she saw a girl walking alone towards his direction. To her dismay, the man went up to the girl, she was expecting that the girl would walk away as well, but instead, the girl followed him into the alleyway behind Haru Tei.

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Feeling worried, KahMun followed them, she continued in her post,

“When I reached the alleyway, they were both gone. However, I was still very determined to see if the girl was okay so I walked the path and looked around for possible corners he could have brought her to.

“Fortunately, she quickly opened a door and she saw me. I quickly told her to run and we both ran together to a more public area. Luckily, she escaped the situation as it was very fishy of him to bring her to an isolated area.”

She added a description of the man in her post hoping that if anyone who bumped into him, would be aware.

“He is a Malay guy, not very tall. His skin tone is slightly tanner than an average Malay person. He wears glasses. The both times I saw him, he was wearing a collared shirt and pants. His build is slightly thick.”

Although KahMun was unable to take a picture of the pervert, a commenter shared a photo of the pervert, noting that in the picture, he was trying to show his privates, as his pants were unzipped. He’s apparently also active around Desa Setapak area.

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Always be alert of your surroundings when you’re out! Stay safe, ladies!

(Source: Facebook)

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