Man Gets Betrayed By Friend After Helping To Get iPhone 7 With Maxis 'Zerolution' Plan!! - The Coverage

Man Gets Betrayed By Friend After Helping To Get iPhone 7 With Maxis ‘Zerolution’ Plan!!

Sometimes, just because you know someone for years doesn’t mean they’re trustworthy. Especially when it comes to money and the desire for something that is way out of your league.

Malaysiable News shared Mr. Lim’s story about how his friend of 2 years cheated, betrayed and shut him off after leaving him a mountain of debt.

Lim got to know Alvin through work, he was a good friend to Lim and even helped him out once when Lim was in tough times.

When Alvin asked Lim for a favor on last December, Lim agree without thinking twice, because he feels indebted to Alvin.

“He (Alvin) asked me if I was subscribed to Maxis then he asked me to sign up an installment plan by Maxis called ‘Zerolution’. No upfront payment was needed, and can immediately get the latest iPhone7! The bill will come in every month after that,” Lim said.

Alvin promised the mountains and the sea that he will transfer money to Lim every month and not cause any inconvenience for him. However, the slick monkey Alvin stopped transferring money to Lim just after one month and he always had excuses whenever Lim asked for the money.

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“Besides being an insurance agent, he also worked for his father. So he came up with excuses such as he still hasn’t receive commission from his company or his father haven’t banked in his salary. Just like that, the debt started piling up,” Lim added.

The phone bill has reached RM1,000 in March 2017, and when Lim tried to asked for the money from Alvin again, he denied about receiving the iPhone and said he only got a Sim Card from Lim.

Lim turned to Alvin’s brother to help him settle the phone bill, but he was told “This is my younger brother’s business, not mine”.

With no other options left, Lim sent a private message to Alvin’s mother only to get ‘seen-zoned’ by her.

One of their mutual friend contacted Lim and asked “Did Alvin ask your help to sign up the installment plan?” That was when this mutual friend revealed that Alvin went to this person but was turned down. Realising that he had been cheated by Alvin, Lim quickly made a police report and was told that it is a form of commercial crime.

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I know what you’re thinking, why don’t Lim just cancel the plan instead? But you see Lim has to pay an additional RM3,300 to Maxis for the phone if he were to terminate the plan. So in total, he had to pay RM4,700.

“I hope that he can step forward to settle this mess or at least return the phone to me,” Lim said in dissapointment.

Please be careful especially when it involves money, let Lim’s experience be a lesson to everyone. If you really feel indebted to someone, there are other ways to repay them other than money itself okay, just be creative!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Yosri

    June 9, 2017 at 23:34

    Since the phone is registered under your name, you can always block the phone using PCBS. PCBS stands for Public Cellular Blocking Service, a Government initiative to enable blocking of mobile phones reported lost or stolen in Malaysia.

    Or contact your friend first, ask him to pay before block.

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