Man's Face Almost Got Burn On Hot Skillet By BN Supporters For Placing PKR Flags On Table - The Coverage

Man’s Face Almost Got Burn On Hot Skillet By BN Supporters For Placing PKR Flags On Table

It’s sad to see Malaysians fighting among each other especially during the election period. Everyone has the rights to support whichever party they want, they’re not supposed to be swayed by peer pressure or the public. Nobody should attack anyone for not supporting the same party as you.

Recently, a middle-aged man got beaten up badly after he placed two PKR flags on the table in a coffee shop in Johor.

According to Sinchew, the outrageous incident occurred in Skudai, Johor on May 3, 2018. The victim, 37-year-old Mohammad Riduan is an auxiliary police in Singapore. On the day of the incident, he went to a coffee shop to take-away roti canai with his 9-year-old cousin brother at about 11.10 am.

Riduan noticed a man handing a PKR flag to a woman while he was waiting for the food to be ready, so he walked up to the man and asked for two PKR flags which he then placed on the table.

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Source: Sinchew

However, three men sitting at the next table became unhappy with Riduan’s action and began scolding him and questioning him about why he had put the flags on the table. They also claimed to be supporters of Barisan Nasional.

Riduan told the reporters,

“I replied them, ‘You can support BN and I can support Pakatan Harapan; I won’t disturb you and you shouldn’t disturb me as well.”

Source: Sinchew

The man suddenly bashed him after asking him why he didn’t support BN. He recalled that one man was holding his neck and broke two of his necklaces in the process, while another man was bashing his head. The third attacker even used a helmet to assault him.

“They tried to press my face on the hot skillet used for pan frying roti canai. Luckily I manage to block it with my left hand. Although my face was unhurt, my palm and stomach area was burnt (by the hot skillet). There were blood stains on the PKR flags.”

Source: Fried Chillies

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Police have confirmed that the three suspects have been arrested that Riduan can proceed to the police station to identify the culprits.

Guys, be civilized and respect other’s decision to support any party they want, just because people don’t have the same political ideology as you, doesn’t mean you can assault them as you like.

(Source: Sinchew / WOB)

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