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Men Claiming To Be Police Officers Accused Netizen Of Committing Crime

We’re sure nobody in the world likes creepy texts or phone calls and while many of us download third-party apps to keep ourselves safe, there is still some way spam messages and scammer calls can get through to us.

Facebook user Jack Wong recently took to social media to share his encounter with some rather suspicious individuals.

According to Jack’s post, he was contacted by two men around midnight two days ago via Whatsapp claiming that they are Jack’s university mates. Not recognizing them he was a little afraid of them, but apparently, they knew about Jack being scammed last year, so he thought they came to help him out.

Source: Facebook

However, they later ‘revealed’ that he had committed a crime and wants to meet Jack up. The duo then asked for his IC number and full name, thinking it was for investigation purpose, he gave his information to them.

When asked which police station are they from, they claimed that they were from Bukit Aman police station and they are also in charge of drugs investigations as well.

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Source: Facebook

He wrote:

“I told him that I did not commit any crime, I can come over to the police station to clarify. But they told me I don’t need to, I just need to come outside.”

Jack did ask the men what was he accused of, and they said ‘fraud’. Hearing what they have to say, he subsequently filed a police report. However, the two men continued to text him claiming that they’re police officers with the ‘ID number 158390’.

“I video called him, when he picked up the call, I screenshot his face.”

Source: Facebook

They allegedly told Jack that it was useless to file a police report against them because there was no loss of money. He also added that the duo asked Jack to contact their superior Tuan DSP Shivagee GK, claiming that he is from IPD Bukit Aman.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

It is still unclear if the men are really from the police force.

“Now that the parliament is dissolved, there is no government and the police become gangsters? Can’t the police do anything even their nation is being scammed?”

We hope the case can be properly solved and the authorities would take proper action on the two men regardless if they are real policemen or not.

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