Netizens Film Man Driving And Using Mobile Phone While Toddler Is Sticking Head Out Car Window - The Coverage

Netizens Film Man Driving And Using Mobile Phone While Toddler Is Sticking Head Out Car Window

When driving in a car with a young child, it’s best to place them in a child’s seat as it is much safer for them. However, some parents are still ignorant of their child’s safety, just like this man who was spotted on the road.

A netizen, Eugene Wong took to Facebook to lament about how irresponsible this parent is.

In the video that Eugene shared along with his post, a man, presumably the child’s father can be seen driving a silver Perodua Myvi with the windows down. He might be smoking or just enjoying the breeze but it is still dangerous to the child’s safety!

Source: Facebook

How you ask? If the child is not strapped down by the seat belt, the child could easily fall over the window, or objects could fly in and hit your child and/or you from the outside, especially from construction lorries.

Source: Facebook

That’s not all, the father was allegedly driving while playing with his mobile phone and not using the indicator when he switches lanes!

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That is not only dangerous for your toddler, but it is also dangerous for you and others! You should be keeping your eyes on the road, not multitasking while driving! This is not a game, there is no reset button in life! 

We hope with this post going viral, parents would think of their child’s safety first, and that all drivers would keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel, not on their phone.

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(Source: Facebook)

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