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The New iPhone 8 Leaked Price List Will Give You A Heart Attack

Hold on to your wallets because it is September and you know what time of the year it is! Another new iPhone is about to be released soon! I can already see Apple fanatics warming up to charge into the nearest Apple store to get their hands on the new gadget!

It is rumored that Apple will be holding a product launch on September 12, presumably for the new iPhone 8.

And of course, with all these amazing inventions launching, there are bound to have leaks! But most of the time, these leaked pieces of information does not include the prices of the devices.

However, the latest leak by a tech reported, Benjamin Geskin revealed the speculated jaw-dropping price for the all new iPhone 8. Geskin cited insiders working for Apple that there will reportedly be three price points for the new release.

It’s so stupidly expensive, that you probably couldn’t afford the cheapest model even if you sell both your kidneys. Now, don’t go getting any weird ideas, robbing is a crime, so is selling organs in the black market!

The 64GB version costs around USD999 (RM4,200), while the 256GB will be going for a hefty USD1,099 (RM4,620) and the flagship of Apple packing 512GB in a compact phone more memory than their 12-inch MacBook will cost you USD1,199 ( RM5,034)!!

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With that price, I could already get a laptop!

BUT! Remember that this is just a speculation at the moment! They might not cost as much as what has been leaked, but you’ll still definitely burn a hole in your wallet and your bank account, so we suggest that you better get to saving up!!

Probably the new iPhone8

Although the new iPhone comes out, it doesn’t mean your phone is already obsolete, unless you’re using a really old phone. Don’t let new gadgets define your self-worth, you are already wonderful regardless if you have the latest phone model or following the latest trend. 

What’s your take on the price? Yay or nay? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

This will be you after you splurge on the new iPhone8, still ballin’ though.

(Source: Rojak Daily)

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