PENANG: Couple Meets Man Up To Retrieve Lost Phone Only To Be Robbed In The End - The Coverage

PENANG: Couple Meets Man Up To Retrieve Lost Phone Only To Be Robbed In The End

In this day and age, we do almost everything on our smartphones, losing our phone is almost like losing a part of ourselves as we keep lots of important information on our mobile devices.

Unfortunately for this Penang girl, Lee Jacsin, and her boyfriend, they experienced the worst roller coaster anyone would experience after her boyfriend misplaced his Huawei Nova 2i.

They were frantically looking for the lost phone, retracing their steps but to no avail. The couple had also attempted to look for the phone’s location but it turns out that the person who found it had turned off the phone!

Source: Facebook

After an hour of relentless attempts of trying to call her boyfriend’s number, finally, someone picked up the call.

Lee wrote in her Facebook post,

“The guy who found my boyfriend’s mobile phone answered and said that he wanted RM500 as a reward to return the phone to us. We agreed, as my boyfriend needed his phone because he had important work information stored inside. The guy told us to meet at Taman Kheng Tian’s Old Town cafe and said that my boyfriend needed to come alone.”

She continued,

“However, before we left for the agreed location, we called the guy again but he told us that he wanted a bigger reward for the lost phone. He said that he wanted RM700 and then told us he wanted to meet at Jalan Jelutong instead.”

It is understood that after changing locations several times, the couple and the guy finally agreed to meet on a highway. Lee’s boyfriend got down from the car to meet with the guy and to tell him that he only had RM550 instead of RM700, he still got his phone back.

“Suddenly, while the guy was pretending to count the money, he punched my boyfriend at the side of his head, which caused my boyfriend to feel dizzy. The guy snatched my boyfriend’s mobile phone and my Oppo 5s, which he had been using to contact the guy before fleeing the scene. My boyfriend tried to chase after him but he was feeling disoriented and in the midst of the car chase, he got into an accident.”

Source: Facebook

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Thankful, the man who was hit was very understanding but they had to let the culprit escape after the accident.

Lee ends her post by warning other Penangites to be careful as the crook is still at large. She suspects that he hangs out around Jalan Jelutong, he rides a white Honda EX5 but unfortunately, she couldn’t get the license plate number clearly.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

She is still hoping to get both of their phones back as they have important information inside.

Any witnesses or if you have information about the incident, please don’t hesitate to speak up! Help Lee and her boyfriend capture the culprit and we pray that the authorities will be able to punish him accordingly.

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(Source: Facebook / WOB)

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