Pet Poodle Vomited Blood And Became Paralyzed After Returning From Pet Shop - The Coverage

Pet Poodle Vomited Blood And Became Paralyzed After Returning From Pet Shop

As pet owners, this is the last thing we would ever want for our furbabies, to have them come back to our arms with something wrong. Groomers and pet stores that offer grooming services should always ensure the safety of the animals, never to hurt them regardless of how difficult they are to handle.

This poodle’s owner brought her furbaby to a pet shop in Johor Bahru for a bath on March 16. Her pup went in as a healthy dog, but came out paralyzed and even vomited blood once it was back home!

Source: Facebook

She was so furious that she asked her friend, Ivy, to share the incident on Facebook to warn others about what had happened to her poodle. The post reads,

“After coming home from having a bath there, it was barking in pain, and I noticed that it couldn’t walk anymore. So I quickly brought it to a vet. The vet said both of its hind legs have dislocated.”

Source: Facebook

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When she called the pet shop, she was told that her dog got injured by itself instead.

“I brought my dog back to the pet shop and the boss changed his facial expression the moment he saw me. He denied everything and refused to be accountable for the incident.

“I asked to see the CCTV footage but he said there’s none. I went to the bathing area and saw that there was a CCTV (mounted on the ceiling). I only managed to watch the footage after waiting there for four hours.”

However, Ivy did not disclose what had happened in the footage.


The poodle was later brought to a reputable vet to perform an X-ray scan where they found the dog’s pelvis was fractured. According to the vet, it’s very likely that the poodle had sustained a fall based on its condition.

The owner then went back to the pet shop asking the boss to own up to the mistake, but the man had the audacity to reply,

“Why did you bring the poodle to bathe in my shop?”

Source: Facebook

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He even challenged the woman to lodge a police report. The entire time, the shop owner did not even ask about the poodle’s condition.

Source: Facebook

Being someone in the business relating to animals, you must have a soft spot in your heart for the furry creatures, but for him to not ask about the poodle’s condition even once, says a lot to us.

Thankfully, the poodle is on its way to recovery. We pray that it will have a smooth sailing and quick recovery. We also hope that the pet owner actually lodges a police report against the shop owner. We want to know what happened in the CCTV footage! Please upload it for us!



To read the original post with uncensored pictures, you can find it here!

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