JOHOR: Pretty 19-Year-Old Girl Hung Herself To Death In Hotel Room With A Pair Of Jeans - The Coverage

JOHOR: Pretty 19-Year-Old Girl Hung Herself To Death In Hotel Room With A Pair Of Jeans

Some people are open about their troubles and wish to seek help if they have suicidal thoughts but there are others who feel embarrassed to share their story and keep it all to themselves.

Most of the time, these people are good in hiding their true feelings and worries, we hope that they can find someone they can open up to and speak of their problems, your friends and family are there for you!

A solemn mood clouds over Johor Bahru as a 19-year-old Malaysian girl was found dead in a hotel room on January 4 at around 6 pm.

It is learned that she had met up with some male friends before her untimely death, who was also staying in the same hotel and had checked in at around 3.30 pm.

Source: Rakyat Net

However, when one of the guys went over to her room and knocked on her door at 6 pm, she did not respond. He had no choice but to contact the hotel manager to open the door for him after knocking countless of times.

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To their dismay, they found the teen’s lifeless body hanging from the bathroom shower curtain rail where she had used a pair of jeans to commit suicide.

Based on her Identity Card (IC), the deceased who hails from Selangor and was supposed to be celebrating her birthday on January 16. It was also reported that she is a mix of Thai and Chinese descent.

Source: Sinchew

The male friend who found her body is reportedly from Singapore, he, along with the other guys were shocked at her death. When questioned, he was not clear on the reason for her death as he did not know that she had suicidal thoughts, everyone who knew her was equally clueless.

Shockingly, she had even made plans to buy a car, which made her suicide seem rather unlikely.

Source: Rakyat Net

The authorities have confirmed the incident and classified it as sudden death.

“Based on CCTV footage, no one had been in the deceased’s room before her friend knocked on the door.”

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Her remains have been sent over to Sultanah Aminah Hospital’s morgue for post-mortem.

Remember guys, if you have any suicidal thoughts or anything bothering you that you can’t speak to your friends or family about, please call the Befrienders at any time, they’re always ready to lend an ear at 03-7956 8145.

We would like to extend our deepest condolences to the friends and family of the deceased, rest in peace.

(Source: Sinchew / Rakyat Net)

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