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Primary School Test Paper Hinted Racism Was Posted On Social Media And Netizens Were Unhappy!!

Racism is not in anyone’s nature, nobody is born a racist, racism is something taught to us! We live in a beautiful racially diverse country, and it is important not to judge a person based on the color of their skin!

Sarah Lian, a Malaysian Actress, and TV personality shared a photo of a Standard 1 test paper recently. The question on the test paper was to match the name of a person to the religious building, the post went viral and had over 2,600 shares.

Sarah shared the photo on her Facebook post with the caption: “My friend’s 7yr old daughter apparently scored badly. And you wonder who makes kids racist and stereotypical???

“Well, here’s your answer! A horrible ignorant approach to stereotyping people into names races and religions. I’m so furious at this form of racism. How archaic and racist! This is so sad!”

While there are hundreds who supported and agrees with Sarah, there were some who begged to differ.

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To which Sarah replied:

Simultaneously, other netizens also disagree with Zack and Alicia’s statement as they felt the test paper was ridiculous.

Children absorb everything they see almost instantly especially when it is displayed in front of them, therefore parents, family, school and society plays a big part in setting the child for life on how they view the public. Regardless of the example to follow that is right in front of their eyes are racist or not, they will inherit that behavior unconciously.

As for the education system we have in Malaysia, they could improve and use a different approach to such questions in the future. We shouldn’t be quick to judge but analyse the situation first before concluding our statement. It is alright to have opinions everyone has the freedom of voice, let us know how you feel about these test papers.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Dedaun Comel

    April 1, 2017 at 17:20

    At Sabah, people do not have this kind of mentality..

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