Road Bully Made Indecent Hand Signs Towards A Mother And Her Daugthers - The Coverage

Road Bully Made Indecent Hand Signs Towards A Mother And Her Daugthers

Guys, if you ever encounter any road bullies, whether it is toward you or others, alert the authorities! These people need to be taught a lesson! Especially for women, people think they can take advantage of women just because we look frail and weak, NO!

On Tuesday, August 7, a mother and her two daughters were harassed by a road bully outside the Pandamaran police station in Klang.

The mother, who wrote in a Facebook post said that she and her two daughters were about to drive away from a restaurant in Pandamaran, Klang, after having lunch there at about 3.30 pm when they encountered the motorcyclist.

Source: China Press

“I realized there was a guy standing at the side of my car, yelling at me for hitting his motorbike.”

She claimed that she had just put her car in reverse for a few seconds, which makes it ‘impossible’ to hit the man’s motorcycle! The mother told China Press that her 16-year-old and 12-year-old daughters, together with their dogs, were in the car with her.

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As the mother was suspicious of the man’s accusations, she suggested to him that they both go to the nearest police station for an investigation of the matter.

During the eight-minute drive to the police station, the mother alleged that the man hit her car’s window with a stick, kicked her car’s door, and even tried to run into her car with his motorcycle.

“I twisted my arm along the way because I was too nervous… I also sounded the car horn to attract people’s attention for self-defence.”

Upon arriving at the Pandamaran police station, the man aggravated his actions towards the family.

“He began making indecent hand signs at me. After he realized that I was filming his actions, he picked up a traffic cone and threw it at my car, before breaking my car’s window with a rock.”

Source: FB

He then fled the scene after spotting a policeman walking out of the station.

It is learned that the mother did not drive her car into the compound of the police station because she felt uncomfortable when she arrived the outside of the police station due to her recent chemotherapy session.

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Source: FB

She thought the man would not be brave enough to aggravate his actions if they’re in front of the police station.

The mother has since lodged a police report against the motorcyclist, sadly, the man remains at large as of today, August 10.

Source: China Press

Netizens are frustrated with the mother for not driving into the police station.

Source: FB


Source: FB

Source: FB

We hope the authorities will be able to track down this bully and punish him! 

Watch the video below and let us know what’s your thought on this.


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1 Comment

  1. James

    August 30, 2018 at 01:34

    Just knock him down and run over him with your car

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