[SH!T] A Teenager Has Been Captured On CCTV Pooping In Front Of A Launderette In Seremban - The Coverage

[SH!T] A Teenager Has Been Captured On CCTV Pooping In Front Of A Launderette In Seremban

Do anyone of you remember the time when you were little and you have to take a dump when you’re nowhere near a toilet? What do your parents do? They stop at the side of the road and use the car doors to block out nosy people from looking to let you relieve yourself in the grass, right?

But this is getting out of hand!

Despite being a secondary schoolgirl, she still poops in public, and what’s even worst, she poops in front of a laundry shop in Jalan Manickavasagam Labu, Seremban.

The owner of the laundrette, Datuk Adzwan Ab Manas initially thought it was a dog’s doing. But to his dismay, he found out through CCTV footages that it was a girl who has been depositing her waste there while her mother is on the look-out!

Over the course of one month, the CCTV footage revealed that the girl had defecated there three times!

Adzwan told NST,

“The first two incidents occurred last month and the latest last Wednesday. When I checked the CCTV, I discovered that the act was done by the same person at the same spot.”

He added that he initially planned to ignore the incidents assuming that she could have some problems and needed to relieve herself there and then.

“Based on the CCTV recording, it was clear to me that the act was purposely done at my shop, and what was more disappointing is the fact that a woman, whom I believe is the culprit’s mother, was there covering her daughter when the latter was doing her business.”

Left perplexed, Adzwan was unsure as to the motive behind the act.

‘There are many other laundry shops and food premises here. I don’t know why the girl chose my shop as her target. I have been running my business here for three years but this is the first time this kind of incident has happened.”

Adzwan said he will be lodging a police report soon, while netizens are condemning the act and describing it as uncivilized.

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(Source: Says / New Straits Times / Facebook)

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