[VIDEO] Ipoh Private Dog Shelter Seeking For Donations As Resources Is Running Out - The Coverage

[VIDEO] Ipoh Private Dog Shelter Seeking For Donations As Resources Is Running Out

Many of you might have come across the story of Auntie Kelly Tan Juat Jong a few years back of her starting up a dog shelter in Ipoh with a friend, Jacinta Emmanuel. At that time, they only had 52 dogs under their care on a privately owned land.

Source: Ipoh Echo

Now, auntie Kelly has close to 200 dogs (according to a commenter), her neighbors complained about the noise and there were some kind-hearted people who helped her shift to this current place also helped build the shelter for the dogs.

According to auntie Kelly, some of the dogs don’t get along and they always fight, tearing down the fence and damaging the property. So, she has to split them into three different huts to keep them separated, and all these require lots of money.

She says she is not afraid to work to support and care for these dogs, but her knees are giving her problems. She added that another good samaritan brought her to the doctor to heal her knee.

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With money running low, she can’t even afford to buy gas to cook for the dogs. She has been asking a lot of people for money and she owes much more. She feels very helpless and tired, the kind gestures that many have given her touched her heart in so many ways she doesn’t even know how to return it.

On occasions when she can’t bring any stray dogs back to her shelter, she would go out and find them to feed them every day.

She hopes that there will be more people who can donate money or food for her to continue caring for these dogs, even a little amount helps.

The veterinarian she often goes to already helped her out many times but unfortunately, he can no longer help her. She needs to pay the medical bill the next time she visits as the vet can’t sponsor anymore, but I’m sure they’ll allow her to pay by installments.

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It’s totally understandable as medicine and medical equipment aren’t cheap.

A netizen commented on the Facebook post which went viral,

“She takes good care of all the dogs, but sadly that spoiled her body and she is not in good shape.”

There are already a few netizens who started donating to auntie Kelly, via her bank account, you can help out too!

Below are auntie Kelly’s bank account number and her contact information, should you wish to speak with her to clarify her banking number.

Name: Tan Juat Jong (Auntie Kelly’s real name)
Bank: Hong Leong Bank
Account No.: 18550041614
Phone No.: 016-539 7192

Let’s help every one of God’s creatures!

Watch videos below.







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