Vietnamese Couple Exposed For Selling Dog And Cat Meat In Johor Bahru - The Coverage

Vietnamese Couple Exposed For Selling Dog And Cat Meat In Johor Bahru

We can never understand how can people have the heart to kill cats and dogs for their meat in certain countries. Just look at them, they’re adorable furry creatures gifted by God, sometimes we don’t even deserve them!

We’re thankful that us Malaysians are not jumping on the bandwagon of this horrible culture. However, there have been cases of cat and dog meat trade happening in our country recently!

We know, we’re shocked too! 

The Malaysia Animal Association (MAA) posted on their Facebook page that they have uncovered two cases of illegal sales of dog and cat meat by Vietnamese nationals in Johor Bahru and Selangor.

It is understood that the incident was first discovered by a netizen who claimed that the couple was selling dog meat in Johor Bahru. She came across a Vietnamese couple publicly selling dog meat online and was terrified to see the gruesome pictures of butchered dogs.

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Source: Says

The couple left a contact number after putting a hashtag which says “fresh and raw meat”. They were also selling the meat for RM18 per kilogram.

A day later, MAA wrote in another Facebook post that they were tipped off that Vietnamese nationals were also found selling cat meat in a black market in Selangor. They carried out their illegal activities in a hidden premise, with locals as their main customers. Sadly, yes, Malaysians actually bought the cat meat.

Source: Facebook

This cruel business has earned them a profit of a few thousand ringgit per month.

How were they exposed, you may ask, well, their cover was blown when the suspicion around their activity rose. They posed as adopters wanting to save cats, and made adoptions in huge numbers at once!

Their ‘adoption scheme’ increased as time passed, with more and more cats being adopted at large. Hence, the revelation of the illegal business finally came out!

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MAA wrote,

“It is saddening that there are no special laws that punish those who eat dog and cat meat in Malaysia. According to the existing law by the Department of Veterinary Services, the offenses will only be charged if the animal dies due to abuse, not slaughter.”

MAA has also urged the government to criminalize the killing and consumption of dogs and cats in Malaysia.

WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised if you want to see the uncensored pictures here.

If you have information on any activities involving the trade and cruel slaughtering of these animals, you can inform MAA by sending an email to

Also, keep a watchful eye out for all the doggies and kitties in your vicinity! Let us work together to protect our furry friends!

(Source: Says / WOB)

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