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Want To Earn More? Here’s 10 Highest Paid Jobs In Malaysia

We all know that the economy is slowly starting to get bad, things are getting much expensive and living expenses seemed to be increasing, leaving us with nothing but broke.

So if you want a higher paid job, it’s time to go for jobs such as engineering, IT and healthcare sectors to earn the most amount of money, as reported by NST from the latest findings of leading financial website iMoney.

People working in the hotel and restaurant industry, education as well as training sector and human resources are said to be getting paid the lowest currently. These findings are found in a report of an online-career recruiting company on Jobstreet.

The highest and best paid salaries for entry-level positions were said to be hotels and restaurants, however it is also the worst-paying industry in overall.

Engineering and construction sectors have the best paying entry jobs that could reach RM5,533, whereas for hotels, restaurants and business management consultants could reach RM5,100 and IT at RM4,600.

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As for junior executives, in the industry of IT banking and financial sectors the pay is pretty high too which could reach up to RM6,500, healthcare retail and merchandise at around RM5,950 and IT / chemical industries each at RM5,182.

For higher paying senior executive jobs, the highest paying ones are from the science, oil and gas industries that could reach up to RM28,250 whereas healthcare grooming, beauty and fitness business at RM15,167 and engineering consultant RM11,333.

Manager level out there, you’ve got the highest salary from construction and oil and gas industry that could pay up to RM15,611, accounting and jewellery sectors are at RM14,500 whereas engineering, fast-moving consumer good sectors are paid at RM14,500.

Senior management positions have the highest paid salaries that come from administration and human resources as well as construction and engineering which can pay about RM35,000, healthcare services at RM27,500, and semiconductors at RM27,500.

Some lower level positions in certain industries have higher salaries compared to management-level jobs, a

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iMoney said lower level positions in certain industries offered higher salaries compared to management-level jobs.

For example, the salary of a senior executive position in the oil and gas industry is higher than jobs in the managerial role.

Reports also show in iMoney that a monthly average salary of a Malaysian individual is RM5,000 and maximum is RM83,333.

WOAH, 83K?! What job is that! 

40% of employees stay at their current employee for work-life balance whereas 38% would stay for their salary packages. 6 out of 10 Malaysians however, change jobs based on better salary and benefits.

Priorities, people! Learn to prioritize which is the main key you’re looking for in a job! 

Geography is also a factor of importance in job. Salaries are higher in central regions such as Kuala Lumpur and Selangor states.

So guys, time to consider if the job you’re working at is paying well, or else it’s time to switch to higher paid ones if you can!

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1 Comment

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