Video : Woman Caught In Viral Video Abusing Staff In Johor Eatery - Not Only Did The Woman Hit Her, She Even Used The Broom To Shove Her - The Coverage

Video : Woman Caught In Viral Video Abusing Staff In Johor Eatery – Not Only Did The Woman Hit Her, She Even Used The Broom To Shove Her

Although Malaysia is moving towards a better future in providing job opportunities for autistic and special needs citizens, there are still some people who look down upon people with special needs and degrade them whenever they can.

In a viral video circulating across Facebook, a woman who looks like either a staff or an employer can be seen dragging and hitting another woman (elder) who appears to be autistic.

Source: FB

According to the Facebook post, the incident happened in Claypot Lee Restaurant, Sri Muar, Johor.

In three separate events, all captured on video, the victim was being bullied by the other woman. Not only did the woman hit her, she even used the broom to shove her.

Source: FB

Our parents brought us into this world not to become senseless and heartless people, have a little empathy for the elder woman, she is your senior, you should respect her. People with special needs also have to make a living, they need to survive in this world, all they ask for is a little patience and care. 

Netizens are furious at the woman’s actions and condemned her.

Source: FB

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Source: FB

Some even suggested reporting to the authorities.

Source: FB

Meanwhile, a netizen pointed out that she has already apologized publicly.

Source: FB

If she has indeed apologized for her actions, we hope she would turn over a new leaf and stop treating the woman in a derogatory way.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think?


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  1. Evelyn Yee

    September 20, 2018 at 21:25

    Recently I witnessed a worker of a franchise eatery washing steel racks outside the eatery using a rubber hose to direct flowing water onto the racks and using the same broom (like the one in this story)used in ‘scrubbing’ the concrete floor! Hope health authorities make spot checks on all eateries no matter where they are. Even in shopping malls, workers are also seen touching on the smart phone screens while preparing food and drinks. Don’t they realise that phone screens are full of microbes? URGH!! They need to be educated on health aspects of handling food! Impose strict regulations and enforce the law please.

  2. RC

    September 21, 2018 at 09:37

    No excuse for such abused. Locked her up for few days to ponder over what she had done.This is to deter others from doing the same.

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