Malaysian 'Casanova' Scams 6 Women Of Over RM100,000 And Used Their Nudes As Blackmail - The Coverage

Malaysian ‘Casanova’ Scams 6 Women Of Over RM100,000 And Used Their Nudes As Blackmail

These days, many of us make friends online and we tend to trust the person we speak to behind a computer or mobile phone screen despite having not met them in person. This is not the proper practice we should be doing, instead, we should always be careful and wary when making new friends online!

You think you know the person after chatting for awhile but these people may have some ulterior motives.

Just like this 25-year-old “Casanova” who cheated six Malaysian women of their money and love. He befriended his victims using a social chatting app, WeChat a few years back and had swindled at least six woman aged between 20 and 60 years old out of more than RM100,000!

Source: Sin Chew

Not only did he exploit money of his victims, he even blackmail some of them! What the hell! 

Two of the victims, 28-year-old Mei and 40-year-old single mother Win, made an official report with the Gerakan  Puchong public complaints bureau.

Mei, who works as an admin secretary, said the accused befriended her in 2014 through WeChat and they began chatting. They allegedly met up for drinks roughly around three times before they became a couple.

Source: Download WeChat

“After a few months in our relationship, the man asked me to use my name to buy him a Perodua Myvi and he would be the guarantor. Because I loved him, I relented and so we bought the car.

“Not long after that, the car gave him some problems and again, he asked me to buy another car. This time, he used my name to buy a Honda City and promised that he would pay the monthly installments.”

She reportedly broke things off with the accused after she discovered that he was cheating on her. However, this man has another trick up his sleeve,

“We had sexual relations before I broke up with him and during that time, he had taken nude photos of me. However, he used those photos to blackmail me and refused to pay for the car even though it happened a year ago. Now, my name is blacklisted because he landed me in huge debts.”

According to MStar, Mei is now pregnant and married to another man, her family, on the other hand, were not aware that her ex-boyfriend had her nude photos, they only knew that he used her name to buy those cars.

“I am very anxious as the bank keeps calling me, asking me to pay up. My ex also uses the nude photos to threaten me if I force him to pay up.”

Source: Sinar Harian

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Meanwhile, Win was on the luckier end, she broke things off before he managed to get any compromising photos of her. She got to know the swindler through social media.

“We had known each other for a few years but only got close in the last two months before we became a couple. However, after a few weeks together, I found out that he had many other girls besides me so I broke up with him.

“He tried to reconcile with me but I did not want to. Once, he even came to my house and when I did not comply with his wishes, he wounded both of my hands.”

Source: Sin Chew

According to Win, there were at least five other women who had fallen victim to his dubious charms. The oldest of the bunch being 60 and the youngest being 20. Win successfully contacted four of his exes, and the 60-year-old woman said that he had taken almost RM100,000 from her but she was still with him. Oh my God, run woman!

Andy Lieng Hwa Ching, from Gerakan Puchong public complaints bureau said they had received six reports of the same man’s scams and would be looking into the matter. He urged the public to be alert and cautious at all times when making friends online to avoid suffering the same fate as these ladies.

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Sometimes I really wonder, why are some women so easily gullible. You should be tough and not trust everyone you see, especially people you meet on the internet. Why are you befriending strangers on WeChat anyway? 

If it was me who received a friend request on Facebook or WeChat, I would never accept it, until I meet them in person several times and chatted with them face to face, get to know them more before adding them on social media.

I also don’t know how these men are able to win the hearts of so many women, we all know, women are very emotional and giving. If we love someone, we would give the world to them. But do not play with women’s hearts, if you don’t want karma to bite you back.

Watch the press conference video below and share your thoughts with us!


(Source: MStar / Sin Chew / Sinar Harian)

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