Malaysian Chinese Guy Attempt To Help A Malay Girl Accident Victim Blocked & Chased Away By A Group of Malays - They Shouted “ Don’t Be A Busybody” - The Coverage

Malaysian Chinese Guy Attempt To Help A Malay Girl Accident Victim Blocked & Chased Away By A Group of Malays – They Shouted “ Don’t Be A Busybody”

Attempt to Help Road Accident Victim at Jalan Raja Chulan Blocked by A Group of Malays !

On 6th of November 2018, a Chinese man and his friend discovered a road accident in Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur involving a overturned white Proton car. Smoke was emitting from the car when he saw the car.

Unexpectedly, when they attempted to help the victim, a group of Malays appeared and stopped them and even shouted at them “ Don’t be a busybody”.

After being chased away by the group of Malays, the Chinese man had no choice but to post in Facebook to seek for help hoping that any good-hearted person who recognises the car owner to urgently come to the accident scene to aid the accident victim. Further, for safety purposes, he had reported the matter to the police.

His Posting In Mandarin :

Just after finishing a drink with my friend, we saw a car which met an accident. With good intentions, I wanted to bring the girl out from the car because smoke was emitting. Then, I asked her whether should I send her to the hospital (she was still conscious at this time) but was subsequently a group of Malays asked me not to be a busybody.

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I was the first eyewitness of the accident and only intended to save the victim. Did I do anything wrong? (Prior to that, I have asked the girl whether she can come out on her own and even asked her if she suffered from any sprain or fracture? But she only answered that that her skin suffered external injury).

I made this post with the intention to ask if there are any friends who knows the car owner, hoping that someone can urgently contact her family. For her safety as a girl, I had made a police report. I could not help because a group of Malays chased me away. Thank you !

刚刚跟朋友喝完茶回家路途中遇上车祸,我好心下车去帮忙把车中女士拉出啦(因为车子冒烟关系) 然后问她(那时还有意识) 要不要送她去医院,却被一班马来人(拉车) 叫我不要多管闲事, 我是第一个目击者只想把人救出来难道有错吗?(事先我有问女生能自己爬出来还有问她有哪里扭到或者骨折? 她只回答说皮外伤), 我在这里发帖是想问下有没有朋友认识这辆车的车主,希望能马上联系她家人,因为她一个女生的关系为了安全起见我报了警,我帮不上忙因为被一班马来人赶我走, 谢谢

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  1. Bobby81

    November 20, 2018 at 05:45

    Why the group of Malays stopped this Chinese guy whereby his intentions was good. By the way why they told him don’t busy body and didn’t help to pull out the poor girl from the overturned car. It could’ve caught fire or exploded.?

  2. Soosai

    December 13, 2018 at 12:35

    The same thing happened to me, on night on the East West highway. A car with a Malay family met with an accident. I was with my family, I ran to the car and open the to help them out, I saw the passenger bleeding. I wanted to help to give first aid. I was just pushed away rudely. I left confused.
    Next time I see Malay accident victims and there are Malays around, I will not offer any help.

  3. Rania

    December 13, 2018 at 23:10

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