Malaysian Girl Caught Attempting To Scam Online Shopping Site - The Coverage

Malaysian Girl Caught Attempting To Scam Online Shopping Site

When purchasing or selling anything online both parties need to alert of scammers especially when they’re on the rise nowadays. They are not only getting more, but they’re getting somewhat smarter with each scam they use.

Recently, an online shopping site based in Malaysia, Supermodels Secrets (SS), fell victim to a scam that could potentially land them in jail. Michelle Chuah Sze Yen shared how the event unfolds on Facebook. However, the shop is not the only victim as there are two customers who were scammed by the same person as well.

The scammer, who is believed to have advertised the same products that SS is selling acting like a third party for the shop, tricked 2 girls into banking in a total amount of RM826 to SS’s bank account.

SS is unable to trace any order that came in as there was no order tally with the amount banked in. The following day the scammer, Nurul, contacted SS through WhatsApp and informed she has made payment of RM266 and RM560 respectively (total RM826).

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Upon checking the transaction history, they found that both transactions were done by people with different names and strongly believes that they are her victims. Nurul did not make any order prior to ‘transferring the money’.

She then placed her order which was about RM127 of items and requested the balance of RM699 to be refunded into her Maybank account. This is funny, normally customers would enquire the price and then place an order first before banking in the money, not the other way round.

Michelle continued,

“Previously, a typical scammer would give fake receipts of payment, which is easy to detect due to no payment entering our account. Whereas this seems legit because we really received the payment.

“We believe that the scammer has her own fake online social media store which she uses to get innocent people to buy from her , she then gives Supermodels secrets bank account to her victims to gain trust for them to pay.”

Once the victim sends their proof of payment to her (the scammer), she sends the bank in slips to SS and pretends to be a customer buying a few items and asking for a refund for the rest of the amount. The tactic enables the scammer to request for refund with an enormous balance. It a pretty lengthy scam but is a new tactic.

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They’ve lodged a police report on the scam in hopes of catching the scammer.

Michelle and the rest of Supermodel Secrets crew are looking for the two victims of Nurul, to return their money, however, due to ongoing police investigations, SS is unable to obtain the victims’ contact details.

Yet, they still hope that all sellers and shoppers online are more vigilant as scammers are getting more and more creative with their tactics.

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