Malaysian Girl Shocked To Find Her Details In Dating App OKCupid! It Was A Fake Account! - The Coverage

Malaysian Girl Shocked To Find Her Details In Dating App OKCupid! It Was A Fake Account!

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Sher Teng Tee posted on her Facebook about her receiving stranger calls and text! Feeling weird, she went on and investigate about this, and found out that someone used her name and phone number for an account in dating app – OKCupid! 

“I don’t play this App and I don’t know who the heck is she but she is spreading my name and phone numbers to all the guys who are chatting with her in OKCupid App. I don’t know where the heck she got my name and number as well!”



“I just started receiving all these random messages and calls this morning around 11something. I don’t get weird when got new numbers texting Me for hello Sher Teng, since they know my name definitely I tot I know them in business meeting or my new colleagues.”

“So I just hi back, I started feel weird when the guy asked me ‘where are you from? ‘ then only I asked him who are you ? He said he is the guy from okc, I think I heard this app before but I just want to double confirm, then so he screenshot a lady name called rosegirl 69 and claimed he chat with this girl and this was what she gave: Sher Teng 010****”


She received numbers of calls and WhatsApp messages from strangers, wanting to know her more and ask her out! Now that’s not the scariest part yet…

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Recently, some ladies that she don’t know Facebook messaged her, asking why she’s dating with their boyfriends! She got so frustrated by these messages! She don’t even know what’s happening.

“They are asking why am I dating with their bf or their friend’s bf, why are you anti Indians, etc…”


“In the mean time I received few messages from FB for resetting password, but I don’t request”

In order to keep her friends from getting scheme by this fake account, she reminds everyone to be careful if they ever receive messages from her asking for money or anything weird.

“Please do ignore because I received test message twice from Facebook for the password reset but I actually din reset any password tho. Maybe someone is trying to hack my account.”


This is the real Sher Teng

Kindly share around and help report this fake user rosegirl67 in OKCupid App!


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