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Malaysian King’s New Beauty Queen Wife Is Pregnant – Expecting The Couple’s First Child

The Russian ex-reality TV star and beauty queen who married the now-abdicated King of Malaysia is expecting the couple’s first child, Moscow media reports.

Oksana Voevodina, 25, seen dancing with her husband in new video from their lavish November wedding, fell pregnant after the couple attended a German family planning clinic, according to Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda (KP).

The report of her pregnancy comes two days after Sultan Muhammad V, 49, dramatically announced his abdication after just two years on the throne.

Keeper of the Ruler’s Seal, Syed Danial Syed Ahmad, announced on Monday the Council of Rulers held a meeting and set a date of January 24 to elect a new king.

Mr Ahmad also said in a statement Monday that the new king would be sworn in on January 31.

Sultan Muhammad V, ruler of northeast Kelantan state, was installed in December 2016 as one of Malaysia’s youngest constitutional monarchs.

Before marrying her husband, whose full name is Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra ibni Sultan Ismail Petra, Ms Voevodina converted to Islam.

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The former Miss Moscow left her modelling days behind her, which saw her take part in a reality TV show and have sex with another contestant in a swimming pool.

‘The couple is expecting their first baby and has fully devoted themselves to the future offspring,’ reported KP, Russia’s biggest-selling newspaper, today.

The paper said that the king’s marriage to the glamorous Russian ‘has provoked a lot of questions’ and could have been the reason he decided to abdicate.

They questioned whether the marriage to the Russian beauty queen ‘affected the reputation of the monarch?’

The pair – who have a 24-year age difference – had made visits before and after their wedding to a family planning clinic in Germany, reports said.

‘The spouses are already expecting a baby and decided to fully devote themselves to this important event,’ stated KP citing its own sources.

Ms Voevodina’s spokeswoman declined to comment.

Orthopaedic surgeon Andrey Gorbatenko, father-in-law of the former Malaysian king, told the paper only that ‘all goes on as it should’ while not commenting on the reported pregnancy nor the abdication.

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‘They have their own lives, I live mine,’ he said. ‘But I can tell you one thing, as a doctor.

‘When I met him for the first time, I relaxed somewhere deep inside.

‘I immediately felt that Oksana would be doing well with him – maybe, my father’s heart told me.

‘And when my daughter turned Muslim, I decided to have a closer look at this religion.

‘I turned to my Muslim friends. Iwant to tell you that it is a fabulous religion.

‘And Oksana has done absolutely the right thing – the wife must always follow her husband.

‘In terms of the king’s style habits, I did not see anything like this in Muhammad.

‘He is a fantastic person, we speak English to each other. I feel he is intellectual, polite, educated. So I am very happy for Oksana.’

Ms Voevodina won Miss Moscow in 2015, after which the was a participant in a reality TV show where she allegedly had sex in a swimmingpool.

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She has also worked as a model in China and Thailand.

The now-abdicated King was educate in the UK, first at Oakham School in Rutland, East Midlands, and then St Cross College, Oxford University.

Later he attended the European Business School in London.

Source : Daily Mail

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